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Ok all I have read many diaries here re: the Republican meltdown and confusion following the election. I think you all are being waaaayyy too intellectual and liberal-ish here.

Let's step out of adulthood and go back in time.

Back...back...waay back

Remember those days in Grade School or Junior high when the "in crowd" came up against the "geeks, freaks, losers " etc. Yeah remember that...

The Republicans view themselves as the "in crowd", so self assured, so popular, so cool, so handsome. For the most part their bubbles were rarely punctured by reality but when they were...oh man the claws came out and it would go something like this.

"Well, like, really. I mean I am not sure how that (insert obnoxious stereotype here geek or other) could even SAAAAY THAT!!! I mean, I TRIED to be so nice to them and TRIIIIEED to help them by giving MMMYYYY TIME TO HELP THEM. Then they turn around and say all these mean things how I'm STUCK UP and self absorbed and narcissistic. What the hell does that MEAN anyway!! It's just so unfair how all THOSE people can't just understand how HARD I TRY to make things better for them.  I guess you cannot expect gratitude from those types. I mean, to make me look stupid and all with all those dumb facts. I mean who cares about math and all that anyway. All that matters is that I'm the popular one, and they are just going to constantly want to be like me. "

I was in Marching Band in high school and of course the cheerleaders and us did not get along. I remember we used to have Senior Slave Auctions ( ok , I know not a PC term but it raised money for the Senior class stuff) and the band got together and bought all the most popular cheerleaders and made them wear the oldest, ugliest band uniforms we had. Plus they had to wait on us hand and foot all day. Booooy if looks could kill.

The Republicans are just like those old cliques. They really don't think they can lose because it's beyond their scope of reality. I was not really all that surprised when the meltdown started, come on folks they OWN whole arms of the meda, it's a positive feedback loop, just like back in school, the popular kids had their minions that fed their egos. What better way to feed your own ego than to have entire radio stations, TV stations and papers tell you how awesome you are.

What's happening to them now is that it is the 20th year class reunion and they're realizing that all their good looks and popularity from high school did not translate into the real world. Those geeks and losers are now Drs, and Lawyers and civil engineers and such with happy lives that could give a shit about high school. The Republicans are the ones who at that reunion will get drunk and try to relive old memories while everyone else pities them. After all it really was with Reagan's election that the Rep party started drifting so far off the rails. They had their heyday and now as they sit among the ruins of plastic cups, old 80s songs, in dresses they lost weight to try to squeeze into harsh, cold reality is imposing on them. They know it was all truly meaningless in the end and they can't stand it.


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