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Every November my coworkers and I have to sit through a powerpoint presentation detailing our health insurance options. And every year, we find out how much of an increase we're going to see in our insurance premiums.

This was true at my former employer as well. I've only had two jobs since 1999. Over that time, I've seen premium increases in 'good years' of 9% and in 'bad years' of 28% and everywhere in between.

This year, the lady from BB&T explained very plainly, "The increase you're seeing this year is a direct result of the provisions in Obamacare."

More below the doohickey.
[Added for those who are skimming: Please don't jump to conclusions as you jump the doohickey.]

My employer is fairly small - 65 employees. They pay a portion of our premiums, which we appreciate.  We do get sick days and personal days. So I know I'm very lucky. I'm not overpaid, by any stretch. But I think I'm fairly paid.

And I don't object to sharing the increased insurance cost with my employer - not at all. At a time when CEOs of national brands are having hissyfits over being required to treat their employees like human beings, I know that I have it pretty good, having been treated with dignity here for almost seven years now.

Still, my budget doesn't have a lot of leeway for increased expenses. Between rent, which I share with roommates, my student loan which is less than the average amount of student loans, but not much less, and my transportation costs - that's the lion's share of my income right there. So I sort of dreaded hearing how big a bite this premium increase was going to take.

I told myself, whatever it is, it's worth it. It's worth it for more people to have access to reasonably-priced healthcare. It's worth it for us be a humane country. It's worth it because as more people are in the pool, there will be less write-offs due to people who can't pay, and so the costs will come down for all of us.

And then they showed us the slide with the amount of our increase: twelve dollars. Twelve dollars a month! That's the smallest premium increase I've experienced since I've enjoyed employer-provided healthcare! And in terms of the percentage it's just less than a 3% increase.

So yeah. It's worth it.

Thank you President Obama! I can afford $12.

EDIT TO ADD: I feel I should thank majcmb1 for pointing out that because Ill no longer be spending $55/month for my prescription contraceptive, I'm actually going to come out ahead $43/month. And I'll save on my annual check ups. I can maybe get all of the preventive care that's recommended for me!

8:51 AM PT: What? You rec'd me?! I am humbled by your kind regard.

And I'm really enjoying hearing about how the ACA is affecting your health insurance premiums, so keep sharing!

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