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I don't know about anyone else, but I found one segment on Friday's "Real Time" to be hilarious, a great example of the scorpion and frog essence of the "nature" of the GOP.

The discussion was "whither the GOP," with GOP "moderates" Ana Navarro and David From participating (along with Michael Moore).  First, Navarro assured us that not all Republicans want to "neuter every gay, deport every immigrant and make it harder for women to have sex."  (Good to know, Ana!)

Then Maher made a very sensible suggestion to Republicans.  (Starts at about 5:00 of the linked video):

The one way I really think [moderate Republicans could have a voice] is to get off this Benghazi thing.  To me, this would be the clearest signal from sane conservatives that they have turned this corner, because I still do not know what the scandal is, I do not know what the point of it is, I do not know what Obama‚Äôs fiendish plot was.
"I agree," I told Bill on TV.   But Ana and David, rather than taking Maher's advice or at least thinking about it for ten seconds, immediately (in "real time") went after Benghazi like Palin on a helicopter going after a Moose.
Frum:He's caught in a deception!  The deception is that the attack was motivated by the video!

Maher -- No -- That was their first surmisal.

Navarro:  That's not what David Petraeus said to Congress today. He said we knew immediately.  Here's what we know so far: We know there were breaches of protocol.  We know there were breaches of security.  We know that there were mistakes made.  We know there's four dead Americans.  We need some answers.

Moore: Why are you guys blaming the administration more than the terrorists?

Frum: That turns it upside down!  The administration, for reasons of self-protection, put the blame on others.  We need to know that the administration a foreign policy/security breach into an excuse for blaming people at home.  They did it to cover themselves.

OK.  Aside from Navarro's total distortion of what Petraeus said, and Frum's smug assertion of GOP charges as fact, this illustrates perfectly the GOP's problem.  They cannot escape the Benghazi Bubble.  They think it's Watergate/Lewinsky rolled up into one, and can't understand why everyone doesn't agree.

And they are supposed to be the "moderates."

I guess a moderate is someone like Navarro, who (generously) doesn't want to make it harder for women to have sex, or Frum, who is only slightly less foaming at the mouth than Laura Ingrham (though that was enough to get him convicted of heresy).

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