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We now live in an age of instant communication, and with the industrialized demand for ENTERTAINMENT every gnat brained outrageous comment instantly gets national promotion. Due to the increasing voracious appetite of the "ENTERTAINET", the warp and woof of American racism has been subsequently dragged out for duty to help satisfy the immediate commercial demand for new network broadcasting material. I'm just getting started, so follow me below the orange squiggle...

The advantage of home grown American racism is its prolific supply, almost inexhaustible, and as demonstrated over the past three centuries it is definitely RENEWABLE. The people who anchor the couch over at FOX news figured this out years ago, and it has helped the paychecks of these "hosts" expand into the tens of millions of dollars. For example Sean Hannity recently signed a 5 year contract for $20 million dollars per year, and Bill O’Reilly has salary of $10 million dollars per year and a net worth of over $50 million dollars. This is just one small aspect of commercialized American racism.

The value of American racism cannot be measured especially in terms of its frequent use as a political distraction. Its use in this regard has broad applications throughout American life ranging from politics, education, business, and industry. Americans have created various unique euphemisms that are used almost exclusively in place of  the more accurate descriptive word RACIALISM, words such as "Jim Crow", bias, prejudice, discrimination, "race card", and more recently “demographics”. Over the centuries white Americans have created an entire vocabulary of polite socially non-offense euphemisms to avoid disturbing the public conversational atmosphere with words specifically addressing the question of RACE.

Oh, by the way, America has elected an African American man as President of the United States, so there will be no respite from the public awareness of the fact that people of color have been living in large numbers smack dab in the consistency mix of the American MELTING POT. (You will notice that I wrote: "America has elected an African American man as President of the United States".There is a distinctive difference between the immediate preceding statement and the usual Main Stream Media statement which regularly announces "America has elected an African American president". Just think about it, words have power.)

What we are WITNESSING is the slow painful PURGATIVE PROCESS America is currently undergoing in order to DEPROGRAM itself from 300 years of institutionalized ingrained epidemic racism, initially created and continuously reinforced by the legacy attributes of legalized African slavery in American society.  

As America seeks to continue its leadership role in this new world of the 21st century, the power base of which is both ethnically and globally diverse  -  the nation and its people must discard the pernicious emotional and perceptive constrains demanded by institutionalized American racism and its racialist societal structures. Hence the current public PURGATIVE PROCESS though elective and painful is just as necessary as any other major structural change in American history, and is both critical and necessary for America's transition to leadership in the world of the 21st century.  


Will epidemic Racism be purged from American society in your lifetime?

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75%12 votes
6%1 votes

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