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Yesterday, Mohamed Morsi declared himself more powers unilaterally. According to BBC and Al Jazeera's coverage, Morsi declared by executive order new sweeping powers, that he could not be overruled by the courts, and fired a number of judicial branch officials.

By Executive order, he now has Legislative, Judicial, and Executive power.

And the Egyptian people aren't happy.

Police have once again been pushed out of Tahrir square, as have the pro-Morsi counter-protesters. Peaceful protests are in almost every town in Egypt, reaching as far away as the Sharm el Sheikh, a resort town on the southern tip of Sinai.

Violent protests with the sacking and burning of Muslim Brotherhood offices, and offices of Morsi's political party, the FJP, have broken out in almost every major city across Egypt.

Too many people died in Egypt for them to simply surrender their democracy. They didn't fight a revolution simply to change the color of the flag, and the philosophy of the oppressor.

If I were a betting man, I wouldn't put money on Morsi holding on to his office for long.

Expect major news coverage shortly.

Al Jazeera's coverage is here.

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