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U.S. President Barack Obama speaks at a campaign rally at the Milwaukee Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin September 22, 2012. .REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
Obama 0, Romney 100, likely Daily Kos hate emailers, MoE 0%
Today is my 12th wedding anniversary, so to celebrate, I welcome you to this very special retrospective edition of the hate mail-a-palooza, in which we revisit those haters who so boldly predicted the end of the communist Kenyan's reign of terror, and firing squads for us abetting liberals.

Ahh, good times. Especially now, when we can point and laugh! The goodies are below the fold.

Fuck you moulitsas!

You sir are traitor and a marxist! and obama is a scumbag bolshevik who wants to turn America in to a wasteland ruled by islamists, 9/11? fuck that we need a fucking mosgue on that spot! Cut taxes? Fuck that people should not get to keep any money that can be used to pay for abotion and crack for "urban" people! if obama wins there is no America, no money, no family, no constitution, no way out. you destroyed america because you want to be like Pol pot! go on and read your fucking mein kampf you little cocksucking commie faggot! When romney wins you triators get lined up and shot! too bad we still have our guns or we would al be dead alredy! hey fag, how much prison time do you get for treason? your about to find out you fucking pinko retard!!!

Now we'll never find out how much prison time we get for treason.
Obama will lose BIG!!!!!!!

The Pew poll has Romney above Obama by 4 points. Romney is lower than Pres. Obama on Intrade, but he is catching up. You Dem's better hope that Obama can seal the deal for his re-election in the next 4 weeks. It looks like that first debate sealed the deal for a lot of voters. Many real American voters want a Real American to return to the White House. That asshole fascist nazi is gonna be collecting unemployment checks with the rest of the niggers two weeks after November 6th. Fuck you Markos Moulitsas. You liberal bloggers don't know shit :D.

What America clearly lacks is more than 47 percent real Americans.
How about president LOSERFAG???

Did you watch the prez debates? Professor Smartypants von Betterthanyou got his ASS KICKED!! It was hilaroius watching Romney rip off Obamas arm and beat him to death with it! Obama got FACEFUCKED on nationa tv and he stood there whining and squeeling like a lib faggot getting his ass pounded for the first time! and here I thought that Ronmey was a fag just like obama but now I actualy like him!! Romney made me laugh when he made the president eat his own shit!
You nutless hippie faggot traitors and your faggy homo snob-president got some GOOD OLDFASHIONED ASSBEATING, TEXAS STYLE!!! Now you fags can go Fagifornia and whine about how unfar it is that your prez is a pussy faggot who cant even suck a dick right!! Hey faggot? Maybe you shuld have made Hilary clinton your prez, at least she would had some BALLS unlike the corrupt faggot you got in the white house now!!
Listen up DailyQueer WHO THE FUCK IS FUCKING SMART NOW HUH?!?! Is it obama who you think is smarter than God? or is it Romeny who WIPED THE FUCKING FLOOR WITH YOUR NAZI PRESI-DORK?!! Obama is going DOOOOOOOOOOOOWWNNNNNNNN!!!! Hey dont worry when obama gets the boot he can always to being a professor and teach a bunch of fags how to be even bigger fags ROFL!!!

Remember when Romney won that one thing that didn't matter in the end? Kind of like Michelle Bachmann winning the Ames Straw Poll?

Is MOULITSAS trying to win the title of:
1. Most evil
2. Most fascist
3. Most stupid idiot on the internet?

If so then MOULITSAS has won. If not then maybe MOULITSAS should stop propping up the criminal regime of the master thug Obama! the name of MOULITSAS is well known and his name will be mentioned when they start taking names. Obama cronies will be charged with treason and long sentences will be handed out. If MOULITSAS doesnt want this, then MOULITSAS should leave the fascist camp and join america. Maybe MOULITSAS is too dumb to know whats good for him? Or maybe MOULITSAS thinks he is anonymous? Well, MOULITSAS is wrong, he is known and will be held responsible. OBama will lose, its Gods will. MOULITSAS should stop fighting God and start making amends. Jesus died for our sins, he will forgive the sins of MOULITSAS. But not if MOULITSAS keeps working for the muslim who stole the White house. MOULITSAS should stop being an evil fascist idiot and see the light. Everyone can be redeemed, even MOULITSAS.

Obama won, so by your rules, that was god's will? Works for me.
Hello FaggoThug

Dear Mr. Homo B. Dicktickle, resident of Cumbath Junction: Please let heterosexual Americans live their lives and follow their Christian religion in peace. I know your liberal ideology requires that Christian values be destroyed and perversion be made the law of the land, but you need to understand that Christians won't be bullied around forever. We will vote cocksucking pedophiles like you and Obama out of office and straight to jail. God has punished you and your filthy kind with AIDS and real American voters will punish you with ZERO votes.

Where are the Nazis? Out, because they defied God. Where are the communists? Out, because they openly defied God. Why did John Mccain lose? Because he had spent his spent career mocking God and giving in to homosexualist demands like the coward he is. The bottom line is this: if you want to shove your tongue into an other man's asshole in public then you have the right to do that. And if actual real Americans then want to throw you in jail for being a disgusting deviant then we also have right to do that. If you want to have balls in your mouth then maybe you should consider psychiatric treatment because that is sick and twisted.

Christians are getting angry and we're getting organized. We have been spat upon and harassed for decades but it ends now. The first step is to replace the faggot in the White House with the non-perverted liberal Mitt Romney and then to replace Romney with someone who actually is both conservative and Christian. Your thugs don't scare us and your "lawyers" don't scare us. We may have little power and money but we have faith and we are the majority in this country and we want it back. For every billionaire-Soros you have we have a Christian volunteer who works for free. For every glitzy Hollywood scumbag or media whore you have we have a real American Christian who works hard to protect our faith.

I'm praying for God to smite you down and to give you AIDS.

Your god hasn't smited me yet. Or given me AIDS. And Obama didn't lose. So either your god is quite ineffective, or he hates your guts, or he doesn't exist. Take your pick.
Please shut down your site (

You are a rank anti-semite and so is your boss, Obama. Obama is a rabidly anti-semitic and anti-Isreal bigot whose Israel policy is similar to Hitler's. You will lose more than half of your jewish vote based on Obamas anti-semitism. Obama has a long history of sucking up to islamists and opposing Israeli intrests.

I can guarantee that if Obama "wins" reelection two thing will happen: 1. Pogroms here in the US
2. Military action against Israel by Obama
These are facts. Obama hates jews and if you continue to support him then you are also complicit. Remeber how Anthony Wiener (a moderately pro-Israel liberal) was forced to resign? That was anti-semitism, and you engage in the same.

You are scum
and you make your money off the blood and suffering of jews. I can only pray that our next president will be sane and not a friend of Hitler. Obama has already chosen to model his presidnedcy after Hitler. Is that how you want to be remebered? Hitler-assistant? Scum.

Obama "won".
The Blog by Yosef

Yosef 52...I'm curious....I am a conservative...that means that I'm for smaller government, less spending, less borrowing and less government intrusion in my life.

Your poser (not mispelled) calling himself Yosef is an irresponsible reporter.  If you are going to come on here and say that Romney is the biggest liar in presidential history then you need to put Obama's name right next to it.  If you want to be a responsible journalist then you need to cite both sides of EVERY story....It is people like you who are dividing this country and creating hate and dissention.  I wouldn't read a word of your crap ever again.  It's simple.  You are just a puppet for the democratic party.  I will ensure that word of your irresponsible journalism.  I would say some other things but I'm a gentleman and wish to see this country going in a different direction.  Get off the internet Yosef...your name says it all....


Pete Barron
Concerned citizen of what used to be the greatest nation on the planet but is now being torn apart by a far left wing bunch of idiots.

Have a nice life Yosef.  Obama will lose in November and then you will have opportunity to spew your hatred even further.  I want to say Fuck you but I won't.  Just know that the thought is there.

There are two sides of every story. You say Obama is going to lose. Reality says Obama won. Two sides!
Liberal antisemitism

Do you know why you will lose in november? It's not your socialism. It's because you have lost jewish support. And why? Because Obama and Biden are the most rabidly antisemitic and anti-Israel people in American history. No president before Obama has been so openly hostile to Israel and its also clear that he hates jews. I don't think anyone doubts that Obama would declare war on Israel and intern all jews if he didn't have public opinion to worry about. Obama and Biden should both be declared honorary members of Hamas. What's happening is that Obama has destroyed our alliance with Israel and allied himself with Hamas and Hezbollah and Al Qaeda. A full purge of all jews in our government is waiting around the corner.

There are two facts here. First, Israel is the one thing keeping the bloodthirsty muslim hordes in check (note that the 9/11 attacks were widely celebrated by "palestinian" "civilians"). Second, Obama and Biden are nazis, as in "national socialists". They hate jews with a passion and they are so absurdly antisemitic and anti-Israel that they might as well be called Hitler and Goering. Good luck trying to win the election without jewish support and good luck trying win the war on terror without Israel.

Apparently we had great luck!
To: M. Moulitsas, the moron king of Dailykos

Dear moron, I hope you enjoy the sight of Obama destroying the American economy and the American family. Obama is a foreign threat to our country, and its traitors like you who made it all possible. Obama's targets include dcapitalism, Christianity and the military. Note that no prseident has ever cut the defence budget more than obama. Also no president has ever before declared open war on Chrisitianity. Obama has made it impossible to invest or to hire workers with his communist Obamacare plan, widely ridiculed by economist. Obama promised the soviets that he would destroy our nuclear capability and therefore our ability to defend against invasion.

You are one of the reasons America is being destroyed and you should feel shame and responsibility. I'm non-partisan myself so this not a democrat vs republcian issue. You could have nominated a democrat who is not a islamist commie, you chose not to. You could have went with someone like Ben Nelson or Evan Bayh, who are liberal, but not communist. Even Hillary, though extremely far left still respects our country and would have acted to defend it. But you had to choose a muslim (not legally, but in fact) who hates this country and the western world and is setting us up to be destroyde. You are either too stupid to realise Obama's evil or too evil to care. I'm betting on stupid since your blog makes no sense. The communist era is over and its time you understood it. replace Obama now, or you will lose the election.

Don't worry, you'll have your chance to vote for Hillary in 2016.
Liberal TREASON!

Stupid question: why do you carry water for the CRIMINAL and ICOMPETENT Obama Regime? Better question: When you eat obamas ass do you stick your tongue all the way inside or do just work the outside? Do just suck his dick or do you take it in the ass too? Fucking homo traitor piece of shit, faggots like you are destryoing this country! Either you are on drugs or your having gay-sex with obama, only reasons you would support a failed FASCIST CRIMINAL! You keep spreading fske polls that "show" Senator Santorum "losing" to obama when in reality obama would lose at least 55-45! Keep on dreaming and get ready to be disapointed when Santorum kicks obamas ass! Do you think homos will be runnign this country under PRESIDENT Santorum? HELL NO! In fact homos will be going to hell! Santorum will beat both democrats, th real democrat obama and the secret democrat romney! The facts are theat you are a traitor and you will be treated such!! Good night and good bye TRAITOR!!!

If Santorum had won the nomination, he totally would've won 55-45. I think you should nominate him in 2016!

Fuckbutt Moulitsas, your dem scumbag candidates were defeated in both special elections!! I was especially impresed by the way you managed to lose NY-9 which is 80% democrat! Amazing! And how did you lose a district no dem should be able to lose? Two things. Firstly you decided to run an atheist pervert who supports faggot marriage in disrict with many religious jews. Secodly you support a traitorous president who is the most radically anti-semitic piece of shit to ever pollute the white house. Obama is more anti-semitic than Hitler, and his hatred of Israel will cost him the next election. So please, continue to support the president-jihadist and you might as well change the name of your party to Hamas. You will lose most jewish support because jews, unlike dems, are not stupid and they can see that voting for Obama will earn them a free ticket to a nice concentration camp.

Quote of the day: "Death to the jew!!!!!!"
 -Barack Obama (D-Auschwitz)

I remember when Obama lost the Jewish vote by winning it 69-30.
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