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     Finally, after many years (and the arse kicking on Bain Capital issues we helped make happen) - even though the election is over - decided to tell of my battle against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital. Though I am SUPER greatful to and reporter Rmuse for their help - this case is NOT about me - it is about cronyism & corruption by a system gone crazy.

Here's the link to the story in full

Meet the Man Who's Battling
                      Romney and Bain’s Bankruptcy Fraud for 12 Years

Case Summary

     What Mitt Romney sought to be "retroactive" from is the 2001 case of eToys. The Bain Capital (secret) lawyers lied to become the eToys attorney and the creditors attorney and then snuck in their partner as President/ CEO. Then they sold eToys (basically for free) to Bain Capital/ Kay Bee Toys (CEO Michael Glazer). (For more on Kay Bee Michael Glazer fraud - with the same crooked counsels - see Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone September 2012 cover story "Greed and Debt" The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital).


Rmuse Story Excerpts

There is something appealing to human beings about a small individual taking on a powerful adversary, and most people are aware of the David and Goliath story where a small insignificant boy took on and defeated a powerful giant because his unwavering faith gave him courage and conviction that right would overcome might. For the past eleven-and-a-half years, one American with unwavering faith in the judicial system has taken on a modern day giant without respite based on a belief that justice is due diligence and that in America, right overcomes might. However, in this circumstance, the system that exists to ensure justice prevails has conflated power with right and gave an already powerful giant a wall of separation from the law, and yet one small individual continues battling for justice against a behemoth.

The giant in this case is Willard Romney’s Bain Capital and their surrogate bankruptcy fraudsters, and the individual battling them for nearly twelve years is Stephen (Laser) Haas, the man hired to liquidate assets in the eToys bankruptcy case. As liquidator, Hass was an officer of the court and head eToys executive with authority to sell the company and its assets to satisfy debtors’ claims while leaving the creditors with no outstanding debt, and to give shareholders relief instead of losing their investments. However, in the course of his duties to maximize returns with minimum expense for the eToys bankruptcy estate, Haas discovered hidden overseas assets, unaccounted for inventory, and that most likely the company was not broke and should not be in bankruptcy.

Shortly after reporting the crimes, in August 2001, George W. Bush appointed another Bain Capital lawyer as U.S. Attorney and he refused to investigate or prosecute the crimes throughout his tenure; despite the U.S. and former Bain attorney’s malfeasance, Haas continued fighting for eToys shareholders and to bring the criminals to justice. During his long battle, Haas discovered attorneys representing the creditors and debtors worked for the same giant (Bain Capital) in the eToys bankruptcy and committed perjury by deliberately failing the mandate to disclose conflict of interest. In what can conservatively be called racketeering, fraud on the court, and miscarriage of justice, the court failed to prosecute or report the crimes then, and continues protecting Bain Capital and its surrogates as recently as last week when the eToys judge postponed a hearing to remove the fraudulent eToys manager in another curious miscarriage of justice.



Again - this is not supposed to be my story. It is about cronyism and corruption by powerful elites who actually are "visibly" Above the Law. We can either stand still and let it happen - or do something about it.

   I hope (and pray) that you will sign our White House Petition?


UPDATE - Case issues - Bain's (secret) Attorneys CONFESSIONS!

       Bonds & Clemens were indicted for lying one time as people.

       Martha Stewart (a beloved Billionaire) went to jail for 6 months for lying

       In our eToys case - (the law firm who handles Romney/ Bain issues in Delaware and who also handled the Mormon Church's claim on the Howard Hughes Will (even though Hughes was their client)) and the Paul Traub's law firms - have already CONFESSED to lying under oath 34 times. Also admitting it was Deliberate. - This is Fraud on the Court by Officers of the Court and there is NO statute of limitations for such (see In re Hazel Atlas case study (here) pgs 17, 26, 28 & 30 in that brief).

     What has happened is the crooks were told by the US Trustee - NOT TO DO the very crimes that they went ahead and did anymay - by Lying to the Court 34 times over several years.

      Instead of being removed - the judge let the bank robbers toss out the Chairman (yours truly) and gave the crooks the keys to the vault - and then she said what they did was really no big deal - that lying under oath (and admitting it) - is NOT any proof of Perjury.

      Al Capone would never be allowed to "retroactively" retire from his crimes

                              and we can NOT allow Mitt Romney to do so either!

     Especially since Colm Connolly was "our" U.S. Attorney who sold out for BAIN!


Originally posted to laserttheliquidator on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 12:26 AM PST.

Also republished by The Bain Files.


If Romney was CEO in 2001 - during eToys Frauds - is He Guilty?

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1%5 votes
10%34 votes
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