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See what genocidal tendencies lurk in the hearts and souls of the American Christian right.

Christian leaders of America are excited about the prospect that Uganda is close to passing its "kill the gays" bill. The infamous bill is on the parliamentary schedule, cleared committee, ready for debate and said to be poised for a vote any day now. [Update: On Nov. 27, the US State Department  disputed earlier reports that the bill has left committee and that the death penalty had been detached. See also update at end of diary.] The speaker of the Ugandan Parliament has described it as "a Christmas gift to the Ugandan people."

Above, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins praises Ugandan president "for leading his nation" calling it a righteous "modern example."

Perkins is a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets to speak to the Christian perspective on issues. Perkins also boasted of having authored passages in the Republican Party platform of concern to LGBT American citizens. Can we look forward to a "Kill the Gays" plank in the 2016 GOP platform?

Meanwhile, Bryan Fischer, leader of the Christian family values organization the American Family Association, has this to say:

Fischer, as usual, has a very poor grasp of actual facts, which is unsurprising as he's linking to "World Nut Daily." The bill did not yet pass, which his Tweet might seem to indicate he believes. Regardless, homosexual conduct is now illegal in Uganda and has been for a long time under existing law and it is punishable by prison.

The new bill is only more barbarically punitive, expanding punishment to death and also creating a circle of criminal responsibility around people who know gays and do not report them to the government. Failure to report a suspected homosexual may be punishable by prison. Box Car Turtle looks in depth at what promises to be an Ugandan Inquisition.

More chillingly, Fischer ends with "It can be done."

Fischer doubtlessly feels emboldened by this to redouble his efforts to bring sodomy laws back to America, maybe this time with the death penalty attached, because the Puritans' original 16th century ideas were just a little too liberal to be effective.

Fischer and Perkins are key organizers of the Value Voters Conference that is a standard stomping ground for Republican pundits and candidates, having hosted VP candidate Paul Ryan just months ago. Fischer too was a key instigator when Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's decided to "un-hire" his campaign's foreign policy adviser this summer.

Scott Lively
Christian leader Scott Lively, currently being sued in U.S. federal court by Ugandans alleging human rights violations over the role he played in bringing this law to fruition, is also tickled pink there may be a pink gas chamber in Uganda's near future.
This is a huge blessing for Uganda and for me personally after having  been vilified globally (and falsely) for two years by the leftist  media as the accused mastermind of the death penalty provision.   Please give this story your best push for maximum exposure.   Blessings,   Pastor Scott Lively
A trio of very wealthy, white American men cheering the vicious oppression of impoverished black people a world away.

President Obama has condemned this law specifically in the past, and Secretary of State Clinton has been a big advocate of LGBT global human rights. The U.S. State Department has thus far been silent on this new push to pass the bill with no updated statements or positions.

Update: This just in! Chris Johnson at The Washington Blade is reporting:

State Dept's Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson met with high-profile leaders in Uganda "over the weekend" and raised concerns about the bill.
No word on what measures the U.S. might take to dissuade the parliament or president from moving forward or in the event the bill is passed, or how they might react.

The Catholic Church, famously opposed to the death penalty and a force in African politics, been said to both support and oppose the bill. It isn't at all clear what their position is, if they have one.

Rumors have circulated that the death penalty has been detached. There's no confirmation of this as the Ugandan parliament has refused to make final bill public. Apparently the text of the bill is a really big secret, but the new, improved bill now has 100 percent less genocide—just trust them on that.

It is also well worth noting, Ugandan legislators have lied many times before about supposedly having removed the death penalty and they did not.

Update: From radio talk show host, Michelangelo Signorile:

Oh, those radical, liberal, activist homosexuals! Always forcing their radical views—like not wanting to be murdered—on other people.

Tue Nov 27, 2012 at  8:30 PM PT: US State Dept. embassy sources dispute that the bill has been stricken of the death penalty. They are hopeful talks with the president have successfully impressed upon him the gravity of international opposition to the bill.

Originally posted to Milk Men And Women on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 03:59 PM PST.

Also republished by Angry Gays, Street Prophets , and Daily Kos.

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