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Despite the Republicans' non-stop sustained 'crusade' to make a scandal out of the attack on the Bengahzi consulate in Libya, Americans have decided that there has been no attempt to mislead them.

This is a refreshing rebuff of the GOP's  24/7 assault on the Obama Administration's 'handling' of the crisis and Ambassador Susan Rice for delivering the intelligence community's talking points about the subject. It didn't work as a line of attack for Mitt Romney in the presidential campaign and it still isn't working as a way to discredit Amb. Rice as a potential replacement for Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

A CNN poll has found that while Americans are not happy with the result of the attack on the consulate, they do not believe that President Obama's administration has tried to mislead them about it. Rather, they believe rationally that more could have been done to protect the consulate and American diplomats.

But according to a CNN/ORC International poll released Tuesday, a majority of the public doesn't believe the Obama administration intentionally tried to mislead Americans on the September attack that left the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead.

On Libya, 54% of the country is dissatisfied with the administration's response to the Benghazi attack, with only four in ten saying they're satisfied with the way the White House handled the matter.

"But that dissatisfaction is not because Americans see a cover-up," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "Only 40% believe that the inaccurate statements that administration officials initially made about the Benghazi attack were an attempt to deliberately mislead the public. Fifty-four percent think those inaccurate statements reflected what the White House believed to be true at the time."

Nearly half of those questioned (48%) say that the U.S. could have prevented the attack on its consulate in Benghazi, with 42% saying the U.S. could not have prevented the attack.

The Republican Party is showing signs of a slide into impending irrelevancy. We are witnessing the decline and waning of their influence as they surround themselves with the protective cocoon of the MSM bubble echo chamber.  Their raison d'être, the determined effort to make President Obama a one term president is gone.  They are showing cracks in the façade of the Norquist pledge.  Truth about Social Security and Obamacare adding to the deficit are slipping through the MSM wall. Fox News can't control what on-air guests want to say. Despite their minority status temper tantrum in the Senate, their choke hold  on the filibuster may be broken soon. They are clinging to their majority in the House for dear life with their fingernails, ignoring the fact that they achieved it only due to gerrymandering and Democrats actually got more votes in the House than the Republicans.

And now Americans refuse to believe the spew that the GOP has been trying to force-feed them.

This is really bad news for John McCain. And the rest of them as well. Let them stay insulated in their little Beltway media bubble. Yes Virginia, President Obama has a mandate.

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