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Cheesy hypnotist dude.
Union goon.
Did you know that union goons wielding a mind control technique called the Delphi Protocol stole the election? The things I learn from my email inbox! All the sordid (and very convincing, you'll see) details below the fold!

fag-work to be done!

faggot!! Obama is back in th White house! your important job sucking his dick is now restoerd! quick put on your kneepads and get to sucking! his dick aint gonna suck itself! and remember to give him a nice rimjob too so you dont get outsoourced! you wouldnt want some indian doing your cocksucking job for two bucks an hour right? asslicking and cocksucking is all your good for you homo commie fag! bye!

Restored? My important job never stopped!
Bruce Bartlett

Is this your idea of intelligent discourse?  Calling someone a "dick" and an "asshole"?

Why exactly are you and your website famous?

It's certainly not because of high standards, that's for sure.


Mark Pietrzyk

Maybe not as intelligent as pretending that southern racist Dixiecrats didn't become Republicans, but I do what I can.
Expose the TRUTH about Obama and Delphi!!!!

Obama is a criminal mastermind who is preapring a scheme that would be the envy of Adolf Hitler himself, why is this not being discussed?!? Obama has secretly dicided to enact the secret UN plan called Agenda 21, which involves forcibly transporting all rural populatins to urban areas where they can be controlled in accordance with the New World Order governemnt! Rurual areas are the center of American freedom and faith, which is Obama's greatest enemy. Obama will execute his evil plan through a mind-control technique called the Delphi protocol. This was developed by the NWO-connected Rand corporation during the cold war, and the stolen election was the first large-scale attempt to deploy the Delphi protocol. If Obama is allowed to remain in power he will become dictator for life. This will be the end of free will in this country.

Please understand that this is not opinion but FACT, these matters have been discussed in those State Senates that have not yet been subverted. Thiese discussions are a matter of public record, even though the NWO-run media tries to silence all dissenters.



I'll throw my lot in with the people who have mind control powers. That's pretty cool!
Attention all assholes!

Your gloating does not impress God! One victory does not mean a mandate for smoking dope and giving each other reach arounds in public parks!

The Constitution is still valid, even though you think you've now got the right to rain food stamps from the tall of every skyscraper in every major city in America! What is your problemo? I'm curious how much you all pay in taxes! Not even enough to give everyone so much as an organic turkey baster! That's for damn sure.

Clear out, it is our turn now! the deadbeats and degenerates of the US have slowed us down long enogh as a nation with their cum swilling and rectal hallucinogen absorption, and WE will bring this country back to greatness! In God's image!

Do you know what God looks like?  You aren't even fit to get on your knees before his likeness! You should be ashamed. Your plan to pull the plug on my grandma will not work, if I have to stand watch over her bedside for the Obamaloons come to smother her with a pillow every damn day of my life!!

And now your fat hog union goon squads have ruined the twinkie and the ring ding forever, does this make you proud? Which great American company do you intend to destroy next? Probably Denny's or Papa John's, because they have the guts to stand up to goon squads of union hippies passing out health care stamps that give 20% off all free range dildos!

I've had absolutely enough of yoru filth and filthy lifestyles! Get in line behind the true Americans who stand for traditional life in this country. Just like Mitt Romney stood for traditional life, right up until you rigged the election machines with more of your union goon patrols!

I wanna vommit!!

Who needs to rig election machines when we have our union thugs enacting the Delphi Protocols out of Working American headquarters?
niggerloving traitor

moulitspic please FUCK OFF AND DIE!!! You think Obongo will stay in thw white house for fours years? Fuck that!! the cheating lying negroid will be in PRISONfor TREASON!!! you fuckers stole the electon with crack-smoking welfare niggers and spics you bruoght in frojm fucking mexico! niggerloving faggot you want some black dick in your ass go to fucking france and pay for it! Don't destroy thisd country just cause you got fucking jungle fever you fag!! niggercock in the ass and mouth is the officia moulitspic brekfast!! and its not about race faggot, the president dont have to be 100% aryan but he should of be human looking and not a fucking monkey!!! go  suck some dick fag NIGGERCOCK IN THE ASS IS NOT THE FUCKING AMERICAN WAY YOU FAGGOT COMMIE!!!!

Phew, good thing you said it wasn't about race, because I had my suspicions otherwise!
The Sad Part

The sad part about my "message" not being read
in the Kos is......all of these liars getting to tell their "stories" and the one person trying desparately to tell the truth is being squelched.
This really is un-American !
It's a shame. edscan

Did you just insult everyone at Daily Kos?

This week's hate mail is

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