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According to some reports, we are nearing the end. The two images above have been traveling through the intertubes for months. Surely there is some significant meaning here. How could it be that Venus, Mercury, and Saturn could all align to the Pyramids of Giza and not be important? Are we all fools for not paying more attention?

Planetary Alignment of 3 or more occur frequently but it is interesting to contemplate a possible significance of this particular order of the 3 Planets just before the ominous Dec 21, 2012 date. What is remarkable though is that the actual degree of angle amongst the 3Planets of Mercury, Venus & Saturn are in the exact alignment themselves, in the heavens. All 3 Planets however match precisely the angle of the Giza Pyramids. Thus, the Planetary Alignment of Mercury, Venus & Saturn on Dec 3, 2012 also will perfectly match the angle of the Orion Belt starts to the very same degree of angle, which is astonishing & amazing.
The quote come from a study of the alignment published by Luis Vega on November 26, 2012. You are invited to read it yourself and decide if this event is a warning. There are four more short excerpts from his study below the orange planetary orrery. Come on down.

The Giza Pyramid Clock does covey a ‘New Time’ or ‘Age’ to being in 2012. Perhaps the designers of the Pyramids encoded these dates because they are or will be extremely significant. As to the significance of these numbers or years? Some speculate that it is when the Rapture of the Church will happen, others when the Age of Aquarius is to commence, others state that it is when the New World or Age Leader will take charge -that many speculate will be the AntiChrist, or a financial collapse of the world economies…etc.
If there could be any possible Biblical inference that these 3 particular Planets could possible allude to, it could be based on the Planet’s meaning associated to its name. In the ancient time, names gave the object a description of a quality or a characteristic. If we go just by the word order & sequence, a ‘code’ or message can be formulated.

PLANET: Mercury 1st/88 Days cycle
BIBLICAL: Messenger  Great Physician—Christ
OCCULT: Healer, the Caduceus—satan

PLANET: Venus 2nd/~224 Day cycle
BIBLICAL: Bright & Morning Star, or a ‘Pear’ as in a Bride of—Christ
OCCULT: Son of the Dawn, ’queen of heaven’ –satan

PLANET Saturn 6th/~30 Year cycle
BIBLICAL: Inferring majesty, rings as ‘crown’, Lord of Sabbath —Christ
OCCULT: Kronos, ‘father time’, announcing an end of a time, age—satan

There appears that the Timeline presented does have a ‘7-7-7-9’ day-count pattern for the November events that have been highlighted. It appears to be the same numerical sequence of 7779 is occurring as when Obama 1st was elected in 2008. This number occurred in the Illinois jackpot winning number series, if I recall on the day of the Election. The Timeline also appears to have a ‘9-9-9’ day-count as well. After the 7779 pattern, a 999 or 666 follows up to Christmas, given the selected major occurrences for November, 2012.

A sequential 7 Day-count of significant events starting from the Total Solar Eclipse occurs & is consistent all the way to Jan 1, 2013. This would be a 7 Day count x 7 occurrences to = 49 days. The 50th day being JAN 1, 2013.

Thus the word order of the 3 Planet’s names & meaning could give the possible following ‘message’, a divine one perhaps. It would appear that a ‘Royal Envoy (Saturn) is announcing an end of a time, summonsing (Mercury) for the Consort’ (Venus) that is done or prepared as a ‘Pearl’. The imagery is clearly that of a picture of the Rapture. This is not to say that the Rapture will or is to occur on this date, but like so many other clues, it could be a reference to a prelude of sorts. It is believed that such ‘signs in the heavens’ are of the LORD & are harbingers of certain prophetic inevitable events. The Rapture could very well be one of them. The Rapture that is to occur at some time –perhaps will be tied to some significant & major astronomical combination of Planet alignments. This alignment on Dec 3, 2012 is as good as any as it is preceding the Dec 21, 2012 Galactic alignment.

My Sciency Viewpoint...

Hold your horses, Pegasus. There are two important obstacles in the way. Go to Giza. Watch the eastern sky before sunrise. Watch the three planets rise the morning of December 3rd. This is what you will see. The horizon is just below the bottom of the picture. Notice how they are aligned vertically, not horizontally. For the alignment to be horizontal, it would have to be mid-day with bright sunshine. It is hard to see planets in daylight. I've done it many times. But, you do not see this kind of view.

The other problem has to do with the physical arrangement of the pyramids. The following satellite image of the pyramids places north at the top.

In order to view the actual pyramids aligned anything like those in the images at the top of the diary, you would have to view toward the north standing south of them. Like this....

The three planets come up in the east, not the north. This alignment is physically impossible.

Last month, I wrote about Why the World Won't End Dec. 21. NASA made the case well against the end. I don't believe this Dec. 3 story will hold up to close scrutiny either. We only have a weekend to wait in order to find out.

Thanks for joining me.

Originally posted to Jim & Melanie in IA on Sat Dec 01, 2012 at 09:47 AM PST.

Also republished by Astro Kos.


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