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   July 2011 President put Cuts of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security on the table. Not once doing that $ 6 Billion dollar Presidential campaign did this fact come up and the question, why he had not taken them off the table? Now he prancing around the Capitol Hill like some peacock and telling us it’s congress that has our backs to the wind. Is President Obama and the democrats are about commit another betrayal of the trusting electric that just work like bees to put them back in office?                               []

Well they have us on the cliff with our back to the air. They have been pushing people off this cliff at an accelerated rate after 2008. Millions have been pushed off by the greed of Wall Street, banks, an inept and sold out congress, an unjust judicial system and a megalomaniac executive branch of our corporate government. The cover is given by their greatest magician in generations, President Barak Hussein Obama, their man that proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He  also busy with his hobbies of indefinite detention and using drones to kill woman, children old men and other innocents in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan and some have said even the Phhimilippines but if you ask , he will tell you they were on his kill list and were terrorist. Sorry to take that detour, with so much at stake domestically there is just so much injustice from this democrat administration you have to speak to it. Now back to the matter at hand, will our seniors get their children and grandchildren to bring them to Washington D.C. to hold congress and Obama feet to the fire, a fire we must start, or will they stay at home and phone in their demands, no cuts to absolutely essential programs, if anyone who so even dear to put there harry paws near them will draw back a political nub, democrats or republicans.

Barak Hussein Obama, what a smooth operator, finally using that bank of microphones to call out the people to lobby, to take our sight and the heat off his treacherous ass, like I said this man is one of the greatest magician of all times, with that move he puts our sights on that inept congress. But he did not ask the people to demand their elected representative take cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and any other safety net program off the table. Obama with his fellow democrats and his partners the republicans and less not leave out those weak and ineffective progressive democrats, at last count between the progressive and the black caucus, there were about eighty plus members. Will they stop these cuts? Yes they could if the BlackCongressional Caucus and the Progressive Caucus would ACTUP and save these programs from Obama’s BLADE, will they? Based on their pass record of magnums efforts they will fall in line behind that democrat leadership of President Obama, Sen. Harry Reid, Rep Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Steny Hoyer, Rep. John B. Larson. Now the so called Progressive democrats lead by Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva never seem to be able to draw the media attention and wheel the power and influence that their much smaller fascias rightwing tea baggers do.

The Black Congressional Caucus should be holding Obama and the rest of congress accountable but seams to also been beaten into submission by the great first Black President Barak Hussein Obama. My best advice to them is to, also call on their constituents to call the white house and not stare at him too long he makes people go deaf, dumb and blind. If they would turn oooh so slightly to the left as some of us have done, this would help to keep their objectiviety and keep our burning desire for justice and peace. When was the last time the Progressive caucus held a press conference and fielded question on what is there vision on how not to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security, ending the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemeni, Somalia and other nations that they know about but have been sworn to secrecy to never tell the American people.
 The poor, children, new poor, disable and seniors will be push off  the cliff and we all get to watch on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Free Speech TV and Democracy now. Obama and congress will be heading up the other half this Greek tragedy. But, we cannot allow these clowns to push our families off the preverbal cliff that they have constructed as a rouge to cut vital safety net programs that are already pared down to a skeleton. These programs need to be improved and made even more robust, doing these economic hard times.

Tax the top 2% at 95%, put that on the table with a military budget cut of 75%. Now we are talking real money and human priorities. Will the people who elect these people to leadership positions stop this total hypocrisy of a nation that clams Christianity as it moral compass? Will the electric for fill it’s reasonability as the people who put these people in office to stop them from carrying out another massacre of the innocence? The democratic electric have the reasonability to hold the democrats accountable and put their feet to the fire of the public ire. Will the electric attempt to stop these cuts or will they put it in the hands of the lord? As, they are so quick to say down here in south. If that’s their solution the cuts will come and then they will say, that’s the will of god. Jesus H Christ what bibles are they reading from? From where I’m standing it serves as refuge for selfish, greedy, vain, cowards. What a sad mess these people have talked and thought themselves into. I cannot ask people to follow such a proven failed solution. I must beg you all to call, fax, tweet, and face book by the millions. Show up by the millions in D.C. to talk to these so call leaders face to face and possibly hold up their holiday vacations.  If the streets or blocked by your bodies they cannot make their flights or move their motor vehicles.

Just as master ring leader Barak Hussein Obama said get on your phones, faxes, emails, tweets, and face books or get your warm breathing bodies in front of a congress person and prepare to prevent the cuts CALL HIM AND YOUR SENTOR AND REPRESENTIVE , IF YOU DO KNOW WHO THEY ARE CALL THIS NUMBER 202-224-3121 AND GIVE YOUR ZIP CODE. Now get to calling, President Barak Hussein Obama 202-456-1414 and 202-456-1111,Rep. Nancy Pelosi  202-225-4965  ,  SEN. Harry Reid 202-224-3542 fax 202-224-7327, SEN. Mitch Mc Connell 202-224-2541, fax 202-224-2499,Rep. John Boehner 202-225-6205 fax 202-225-6205, Rep. Paul Ryan 202-225-3031, fax 202-225-3393, Rep. Ayofemi Kirby 202-225-4535 Chairman of Congressional Black Caucus ,Rep. Keith Ellison 225-4755/ Raul Grijalva 202-225-2435 Co-Chairs of Congressional Progressive Caucus, Rep. John B. Larson 202-225-2265 with Rep. Steny Hoyer 202-225-4131 fax 202-225-4300 Democratic Caucus.     We would not want these clowns leaving town for their Christmas holiday if they attempt to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other much need social welfare program. The time for action is now. That’s right, we would have to come one week before they fly, drive or take the train back to their home district to be with their families. We should not let them rest if they make these cuts. Not until the people who voted to put these clowns in office, show up any way they can (electronically or physically) in number so large they cannot be ignored. Will these clowns back off these cuts and raise taxes on the two percent, cut the corporate welfare, cut the bloated military budget? NO!!.  Yes we are on a cliff and I be damn if l let some corporate clown, lackey push us off the (MF) ing  cliff without taking them with us.

Originally posted to footholder on Tue Dec 04, 2012 at 09:57 AM PST.

Also republished by Trolls.


A.Will the elected democracts support Obama cuts of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?B. Will the democratic electric be able to stop these cuts.

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