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Short one today, was out running errands. No one has used my lovely, lovely title for a front page post on the guild site, so I'm using it here.

Yeah, about that- I'll let Kaels tell you about it in the Team Kaels and Challenge Mode Report:

Team Kaels is happy to report Progress! since we last talked to you. We have defeated two new bosses since last week’s report, and cleared the first raid instance of the expansion. Last Friday night, after much agonizing and reforging and respeccing and twiddling with positioning we managed to kill the celestial dragon, Elegon. We proved that our triumph wasn’t a fluke by killing him again on Tuesday in two tries. Well, one pull shouldn’t count because we had a “I thought YOU were supposed to be killing blue” situation. Yeah, we is pro.

Last night we went back to Mogu’shan Vaults and faced the final encounter, the Will of the Emperor. This is a fight that feels like one long trash gauntlet. It’s easier for the rest of the raid group than many of the other fights in this tier, but for this tank in particular learning the dance proved to be unexpectedly brutal. I kept saying to myself, “wait a second, how did I die so quickly?” But I finally figured it out, and we got our kill just as the clock ticked past midnight. Technically now we could start to work on heroic modes of the Mogu’shan Vaults fights, but I believe that there is a powerful urge in our raiding party to go squish bugs at Heart of Fear instead. However, we now have the option of trying out heroics if we start to get stuck on one of the bugman encounters. Choice is a wonderful thing.

Don’t have much to report on the challenge mode dungeons. We had Scarlet Halls last Sunday night, we put some good effort in but the dog packs in the front hallway kept murdering us. It was quite disenheartening, but at least there’s no repair bill.

I know when I'm in LFR I often wind up "off-tanking" the adds, since the adds don't aggro or fixate on certain people it's more like "chase after adds like a crazy dead person". I find Chains of Ice and Remorseless Winter handy, but YMMV.

Here's Pamena with the Team RubiPam and Brawler's Guild Reports:

Team RubiPam also has made some progress! After last Thursday's diary was posted, we had our normal Thursday night raid, and with some substitutes for 3 of our regulars who could not make it, finally got the third boss in MSV, Gara'jal the Spiritbinder! Thanks so much to Ash on his shammy, Carune and Vanillapi for coming in as subs - it really wasn't a dps thing, more of a timing and coordination fight, but we finally got the dance down and it felt great. This week, on Tuesday, we got the Stone Guard down, but took our time on it - we did finally all remember to have a companion dog pet out so we got the Must Love Dogs achievement so that was cool. We will go back tonight on Feng and Gara'jal again, and hopefully have time for some pulls on the Spirit Kings.

The Saturday Night Massacre continues apace - we're getting more than 30 guildies there on a regular basis now to kill the Sha. I would like to plan one or two old raids to follow up the Sha this month, instead of the guild LFR which only 6-9 people generally can do. We still have Alone in the Darkness to do to finish up the guild raid achievements for Northrend - I am useless at trying to lead such an effort as I never did it at level and really was lost the few times I've been in that fight. So hopefully we can get Nina or Snuff or Ash to lead a larger group of guildies in to glory!

The Brawlers' Guild has opened for business, and Hunkel led the way for the guild in getting the first invitation, followed closely by Ash and now Carune and Taymatt. I went in to watch a couple of days ago, and it is a pretty cool thing to be able to be a spectator for these matches - you don't need an invitation, you just walk right into the arena, through the swirly, in Orgrimmar. It's fun!

The patch brought new advances in the story of the expansion, and I won't spoil it for anyone, but man, Garrosh is SUCH a jerk!

Garrosh is such a jerk. That's a good place to leave it this week. For the Horde!
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