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I am sticking to the goddamned union. Now and forever, because I KNOW how critical unions are.

We've been here before...just last year. I posted some of this before, but it seems that now it is still so, so, SO important to emphasize our support for American unions. The greedy Republican Thugs are trying to crush our unions. This is nothing new. With the exception Theodore Roosevelt and Taft, most Republicans have opposed unions either weakly or, more recently, rabidly. Now the rich and powerful are trying to use the Republican Party to outright break the working class, and you know what? Despite their crap over the last century we have WON the right to a weekend, WON the right to a 40 hour work week, WON the right to childhood without forced labor, WON the right to health and retirement benefits, WON the right to collective bargaining...

There has not been one moment since the turn of the 20th century that labor hasn't had to fight for its rights. Now is no exception and now, just as much as any other time, we have to fight together, and we have to STICK TO THE UNION.

Michigan is just the latest battleground in the right wing extremist assault on American unions. At risk is the very survival of America's working class and middle class. Right wing extremist Republicans seem to want to sacrifice all the gains labor has made in the last 100+ years and go back to slave wages, child labor, sweat shop conditions and lack of consistent environmental and safety protections.

The Republicans want to take us back to the 19th century and they are trying to do it state by state.

Four states have stood out as the key battlegrounds in the fight for America's future: Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

And recently the Greedy Oil Party have made Michigan their primary battleground. I say we need to slap them in the face not JUST in Michigan but also in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. These idiots need to learn that American APPRECIATES working class and middle class Americans and that their efforts to punish our most productive citizens is not appreciated.

But I don't know about you...I intend to stick to the unions. And I think a majority of Americans will want to stick to the union and fight back against the right wing attack on our freedoms.

Last year I started an Act Blue site dedicated to fighting the right wing extremists in the vert states they were targeting most publicly. Initially it was a three state effort but quickly expanded to a four state effort.

These four states have been deliberately chosen by the right wing extremists as targets for their anti-working class and anti-middle class attacks. So we need to repeatedly defeat them in all four of these states to send the message that AMERICA is supportive of its working and middle class. Right now we can't let the right wing extremists win for even a moment in these states without a HUGE response from those of us who support the working class and middle class.

Join me in supporting  the working class and middle class in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan...the key battleground states for the survival of our unions!

Donate to my Solidarity Across Four States Act Blue Site.

I will try to match the next person who donates to this site.

And one of the best...Pete Seeger, who I know about thanks to my radical mother, and he does this song really kick ass at a time when being pro-union could land you in real shit:

Let's not for a single moment forget what is at stake. The right wing extremists want to turn our country over to the wealthiest 1%, to the bankers, oil executives and other greedy anti-union SOBs. But you and I remember one thing they want us to forget...we remember that America is NOT their is our land...this is OUR LAND and don't you forget it. This meme resonates throughout America, red or blue, Dem or Repub, whatever our religion or ethnicity...we all know in our heart and our guts that this land is OUR land!

Donate to my Solidarity Across Four States Act Blue Site.

Last year Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana became the front lines for the Republican attack on working class Americans. Doing the bidding of the NYC Billionaire Koch brothers, the Teabagger Republican governors of these state tried crippling unions and have attacked our firefighters, teachers, police and nurses every chance they could. They defined the Republican hatred for firefighters, teachers, police, nurses and just about every working class and middle class American there is out there struggling to make ends meet. They have opposed unions, opposed Medicare, opposed Social Security, opposed equal pay, opposed overtime pay, opposed education and opposed just about everything America stand for. If we want America to be a beacon of freedom, equality, knowledge, innovation, etc. for the future, we HAVE to stop the right wing extremists. First and foremost we HAVE to stand by our unions.

Now Michigan is the front line state and unions are fighting back. We have to keep fighting in each of these battleground states to keep the Republican extremists in check. Help me support the pro-union movement in the four states Republicans have been trying their hardest to screw working class and middle class Americans.

Democratic state legislators and pro-union progressives are standing up to the Teabagger Republican extremists. In Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan the battle lines between right wing extremists and pro-union Democrats has never been clearer.

United we stand as a solidly working class and middle class America.

Donate to my Solidarity Across Four States Act Blue Site.

Again, I will try to match the next person who donates to this site. So get the ball rolling and I will take the next step. TOGETHER we can stand up for American unions against the Greedy Oil Party/Teabagger extremists.

Originally posted to mole333 on Thu Dec 13, 2012 at 06:20 PM PST.

Also republished by An Ear for Music, In Support of Labor and Unions, Badger State Progressive, and Protest Music.

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