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Columbine,Red Lake, Tucson Arizona( assassination attempt on Gabby Gifford),and Virginia State University all sights of mass murder. The list goes on Fort Hood, Aurora Colorado( the theater shooting), The Clackamas Mall, and now the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown  CT. must we add your child's school and your child's name to the list of this senseless killings with guns before you demand Congress, The Senate and the President to sign bills restricting the use of guns? Congressional leaders, how many deaths does it take for you to refuse the blood soaked money from NRA, and gun manufacturers and do the good work you should be doing and pass bills that protect your constituents and all citizens from the threat of being killed by a gun when we are going about our daily lives? Guns are killers when operated by psychopathic people!

Let's start this discussion by figuring out who needs guns. There are two professions that need guns and ammunition Law Enforcement and The Military. Average citizens only need guns(rifles) when they want to go hunting. I write a blog called The Non-Trad Manifesto. I wrote two blogs covering the topic of gun violence; the first one I wrote January 12 2011, it was titled,"Violence in Arizona-the Cause and the Cure." I wrote the other one July 27th 2012 titled,"Guns, Gangs, and Violence How to Cure the Scourge of Violence in the City." the link to my blog is: .You can read my ideas in more detail but I'll put it short, hunters could be issued a rifle with their hunting license and be required to return it each night to law enforcement.

I grew up in Hayward Wisconsin which had logging as one of their major industries along with tourism and farming. It was, at the time, a small city with the population of about 1,600 now it's over 2000. Many people were hunters and guns were part of Hayward's history. Hayward in the 1800's was where the lumber mill was for loggers to roll the logs down the river and take them to the mill to be made into lumber. When the loggers got paid they went to the saloons in downtown area of Hayward to get drunk and fights ensued so they had shoot outs on the street. It was like the Wild West. There was a saying, "Hayward, Hurley, and Hell!" Hurley was another lumber town.  The reason for the Second Amendment was because there was less law enforcement in this country. There was vast land that had little population and no sheriffs or deputies. People had to protect their own property. Now there is no reason for that Amendment! The USA is connected by the Internet and so is law enforcement. We have CODAS and other tracking services available to all cities and rural areas! Now citizens can call 911 if they have someone trying to rob them and other law enforcement problems. There are alarm companies that you can have them install their services. Most people have cell phones and can put 911 on their contacts so they can get help if they are being stalked or see suspicious behavior. The 2nd Amendment is outdated!

So we have to let law enforcement do their job. We also should have all citizens get psychological check ups to weed out the people that need help and put them in a mental health facility. WE DON'T NEED GUNS WE NEED COMMON SENSE!


Do you believe in gun conrol?

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  •  Why do policemen need guns (0+ / 0-)

    If we have a ban?

    And what if we had a worldwide ban on guns?  our armies would no longer need guns.

  •  The only gun related death in my (0+ / 0-)

    circle was the then police chief of Tacoma Washington shooting my childhood friend, who was his wife, in a store parking lot of a small town near where we grew up he then shot himself. He did all this in front of their two children.

    I have spent much time in the Alaska Bush where a high powered rifle is protection against those thing that are bigger than we humans and have no problem killing and eating you.

    So my perspective, is to say the least, very different from yours.

    It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is not what he has -Henry Ward Beecher

    by PSWaterspirit on Sat Dec 15, 2012 at 03:26:50 PM PST

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