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We've already had this excellent diary from Brooklynbadboy on everyone's favorite right-wing half-wit Louis "Gomer" Gohmert, who said today on Fox News Sunday that the killer in Newtown, CT could have been stopped if the principal was packing heat herself. (So what are you saying, Louis? Do you want teachers to strap on guns Wild West-style before going to class? That'll make sure no one passes notes in study hall!) But that's only part of his offensive comments. He also had this to say about the fact that Adam Lanza apparently killed all 20 6-7 year old children with close-range blasts from a high-powered assault rifle.

Re. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) defended the right to purchase assault weapons, saying it is a right enshrined in the Second Amendment, during an appearance on "Fox News Sunday."
Interesting. Do go on.
"Well, for the reason George Washington said a free people should be an armed people," Gohmert said, responding to a question on why people need assault weapons. "It ensures against the tyranny of the government. If they know that the biggest army is the American people, then you don't have the tyranny that came from King George. That is why it was put in there, that's why once you start drawing the line, where to you stop? And that's why it is important to not just look emotionally, our reaction, Chris, is to immediately say, 'let's get rid of all guns."
So, basically, in order to assuade paranoid fears of the government coming to take over all us, we have to have assault weapons. And them being used to kill little children, well, that's just an unfortunate side effect for our precious freedom.

This man is so dumb I find it amazing he even knows how to breath.

Let me attempt a little historical comparison, so simple even a half-wit like Gomer can understand it. The guns of the Founding Fathers' day were one-shot flintlocks that took minutes to reload and were often wildly inaccurate. Their resemblence to the guns of today that can lay waste to an entire classroom in seconds?



There is no mention of assault weapons in the Second Amendment. None. And I don't understand how a "well-regulated millitia" refers to suburbanites having arsenals in their houses that could equip the entire cast of the Expendables movies.

I'm surprised Gomer even opened his stupid mouth, given how the NRA and nearly all other gun-rights politicians have gone into media lockdown mode. But I guess he was too stupid to get the memo.

What an asshole.


Is Louis Gohmert officially the stupidest member of Congress?

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