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I’m about bloody sick of this. So here we go:

No, the Maya (note that they are called the MAYA and not the MAYANS) did not prophesize the end of the world. (They still exist, by the way, and they’re alternately amused and irritated at the rest of us for being such goddamn f*cking morons.)

No, there’s no hidden planet and/or asteroid on its way to smash into Earth this Friday. We’d have seen it by now.

No, the recent spate of very large earthquakes over the last decade is not a sign and is in fact entirely, 100% normal.

No, the planets DID NOT line up over the pyramids of Giza as a sign the Maya were “right.” Said “line-up” is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

There’s no such thing as a “galactic alignment” and even if there was, IT WOULD HAVE NO EFFECT ON THE EARTH.

Planetary alignments happen all the time and are entirely normal and have nil effect on the Earth.

Think about how stupid you sound when you say things like “we’re going to align with the galactic center’s black hole and that will destroy the Earth.” The galactic center is THIRTY THOUSAND LIGHT YEARS AWAY. THIRTY. BLOODY. THOUSAND.


This Friday will not be the solar maxima (we won’t know when the solar maxima is until AFTER it occurs.)

Aliens are NOT going to invade. Or colonize. They probably don’t even exist in this part of the galaxy.

There’s NOT going to be any kind of mystical harmonic field change. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Okay, here’s the deal. Friday will be a “normal” day. The world will NOT come to an end, and that’s all there is to it. But here’s the other deal about the millions of unthinking idiots going about thinking it will do so: Do you people know anything? At all?
Basically, these idiots, egged on by the Science Channel, and the Discovery Channel, and the History Channels, and the National Geographic Channel, think that a civilization that didn’t even predict its own collapses (plural!) can predict the end of our own? The same civilization that didn’t even get to fully come back before the Europeans came and spread disease and war, killing the rest? And then burned all of their books? Really? You people think I’m dumb enough to believe that?

And then, isn’t it convenient that peoples’ doomsday prophecies being promulgated in Europe and North America rather match the Book of Revelation? Imagine that. Someone putting a Christian imprint on another societies culture where one did not exist. I should add here that a relative of mine is currently “evangelizing” among the Maya, since the Maya just morphed what the Spanish bought them into their own belief system. Said relative is in for a shock, if he ever realizes it, ‘cause the same damn thing will happen to his “evangelizing.”

But here’s the other deal: That thing that caused the Maya civilization to fall to bits? It’s happening now.

Oh yes, I mean climate change. Oh yes, I mean resource depletion. Oh yes, I mean overpopulation. Oh yes, I mean war, famine, pestilence, and horror. Oh yes. It’s going to happen. Period.

Consider: a global temperature change of just a degree or two caused all sorts of catastrophe for them. In addition, they completely denuded their homeland. There’s jungle there now, or there was jungle there as it's steadily being chopped down. Again. There wasn’t any at the height of their civilization. They cut all of it down. They ran the rivers dry. They exceeded their regions carrying capacity. And then they warred. They starved. They died out. Only a remnant exists now. They’re only a remnant because of Guatemala’s scorched earth policy toward them during their civil war, a war the United States greatly contributed to on the side against the Maya, but that’s a topic for another diary.

Consider: a steadily warming planet—which will warm even if we do, 100%, of the various proposals offered in the diaries here to cut carbon output. Yes, going vegetarian is great, but it’s not going to have the instant result you folks continually claim.

Consider: a steadily increasing global population, even though various estimates indicate that it will slow and enter a “steady-state” at some point before 2060. There will still be between nine and fourteen billion people on this planet in the year 2060. I wonder how many there will be in 2100? Zero? No one reading this now will ever know.

Consider: an entire global civilization built entirely on the use of fossil fuel energy (including growing all those plants we need to eat, if we’re to go vegetarian as a global civilization).

Consider: They held a climate conference, a conference that just kicked the can down the road, in bloody freaking Doha, the capital city of a wealthy desert nation that is only wealthy because it had the good sense to be in the right geographic location. It sits atop an ocean of petroleum.

Consider: We have a few tools to adapt ourselves and our world to the coming end but we won’t. One, because there’s little interest in mitigation and adaptation and two, some people are luddites and they are loud and they win.

The difference between us and the Maya of old is that we can see this happening. Now. Right now. This is something we can and are forecasting. And potentially, do something about. Several somethings.

But, we’ll probably just go the way of the Maya. No aliens are going to land and save us. There is no warp drive to take us to other stars and other worlds. We’ve pretty much retreated from Low Earth Orbit for fraks sake because it’s “too expensive and dangerous.”

This isn’t prophesying, by the way. It’s fact.

And you’re a complete and total moron if you believe the Maya prophesized anything, and you don’t believe what’s being forecast. End of story.

Originally posted to #WELLACTUALLY on Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 05:56 AM PST.

Also republished by Science Matters and SciTech.

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