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Do the citizens have any power or have we had a corporate coup d'etat to use the phrase of Chris Hedges?

Obama is working for the plutocrats. They are hell bent on curtailing the New Deal. They have been pissed off since Roosevelt began Social Security and later Lyndon Johnson gave us Medicare.

We well remember W Bush at the start of his slight margin saying that he had a mandate to "reform" social security.

Well, Obama has put in place the legal system to maintain W Bush's attack on our civil liberties, something that it would have been hard for a Republican to pull off. We should all recall how upset we were with Bush's actions, but now that they are Democratic proposals too many of us just go along with them.

It has been clear to me for years that Obama is a compromiser, and serves the plutocracy.

Remember the president that even Obama called great? Ronald Reagan. During his administration there was a Savings and Loan collapse which led to 1,000 bankers going to jail. This time the only people who went to jail were on the street with OWS, not the bankers who took the global economy to the brink of collapse. And they continue to plea bargain out of fraud and could bring the global economy down again. The legal system works for the powerful.

Going Over a Cliff Better Than Deal President Has Offered

Economic inequality was not on the table until OWS. Now we have:

The latest proposals by both President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner would widen economic inequality in the United States. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the major offers on the table.
This is from the article which is the title of this diary:

Going Over a Cliff Better Than Deal President Has Offered
Latest proposal by Obama would deepen inequality

The article lists areas that the rich would benefit and ends with:

While corporate profits are at a 50-year high, corporate tax collections as a share of the economy are at 50-year lows. If corporate lobbyists get their way, corporate taxes will be going lower still.

Giving rich individuals and prosperous corporations more tax cuts, while asking seniors to give up Social Security benefits is a bad deal. The early reaction by many progressive organizations is that it would be better to go over the cliff than accept the emerging bargain the President has offered.

Here is the link.

Also this morning on we find the article:

Social Security and the Obama Cave-In
The deal between the White House and congressional Republicans includes changes to the cost-of-living formula that amount to needless cuts for seniors.

This budget agreement is very dubious politics for Obama and the Democrats on several grounds. For starters, Social Security cuts, disguised or otherwise, should not be in this package at all. Politically, such a deal erases the bright line that is the Democrats’ single strongest distinction from Republicans: We defend Social Security; they are willing to sacrifice it. Further, the politics of allowing the struggling, not-quite-poor elderly to be played off against the very poor are just appalling.
What do the Democrats have left if they cave in on Social Security and Medicare? The Republicans have been running against the sole of this country for the last 30 years and Democrats are helping them get over another finish line.

Here is the link to the article.

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