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What if John Boehner does not have enough Republican votes to pass his Plan B?    If that occurs, everyone will know that no matter what he says, he can't deliver the Republican votes needed to pass "compromise legislation."  This means that the only way he will be able to pass fiscal cliff legislation is with mostly Democratic votes.  And the Democrats in Congress will know that he needs them, and will force more concessions out of him.  

It seems to me that there are quite a few Republicans who are not all that anxious to vote for any sort of tax increase, even one that only hits those earning over $1,000,000 a year.  And a few calls to their offices asking that they vote against Plan B may be all the incentive that they need to vote "no."  And if we can avoid any Democratic "yes" votes, and Boehner loses enough Republican votes, Plan B will fail.  

An article in the Washington Post makes it clear that Boehner is working to try to round up the votes.  And this makes me think that he may not yet have the votes that he needs.  

Even though House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) vowed Wednesday that his plan to raise taxes on upper-income Americans will pass, he was seen doing something later in the day that he rarely does: Glad-handing colleagues on the House floor.

.  . . . Boehner’s body language said it all: He was eagerly seeking out wavering colleagues that might not join him tomorrow in voting for the plan.

With two vacant seats in the House, Republicans will need at least 217 votes to pass the measure. Currently there are 241 Republicans, meaning that if every member shows up for the vote Thursday, the conference can spare 24 defections and still deliver a majority without Democratic support.

So please call your Republican representatives and ask that they vote against Plan B.  And if you are fortunate enough to have a Democratic Representative, give them a call too.   You can find the contact information for your representative  here

If we can help deny John Boehner the votes needed to pass Plan B, he will either be put in the embarrassing situation of having to pull the bill from having a vote, or having the bill voted down.   Either of these scenarios will strengthen the hand of the Democratic Party in the fiscal cliff negotiations.  

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  •  How does tomorrow's vote help the Republicans? (6+ / 0-)

    Either they vote for a tax increase on millionaires, violating their "no new taxes" mantra, or they reject it, meaning that they give in to Obama's compromise package or else do nothing before the fiscal bluff.

    To me, they're screwed either way, and now they go on record with a vote for a tax increase.  I really don't get how this helps them.

  •  Yes, call R-reps and demand a no vote (5+ / 0-)

    and while your at it, also make a point to advise them that you strongly oppose any legislation which would ban "so-called assault rifles"; that "amnesty for illegals" is completely unacceptable; and remind the knucklehead that God is a Republican so no more contraceptives for sluts or financial assistance for those commie college kids or lazy "supposedly disabled" slackers.

  •  This is an element this site is missing (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    defluxion10, elwior, Bulldozer, LordMike

    According to the RW sites I read, Boehner does NOT have the votes as of now, and the wingers are NOT behind him. They are burning up the phone lines to scuttle Plan B because A) it sells out the ONLY Republican principle left: no new taxes, no way no how, and 2) they all want Boehner out and a teabagging fool in. They literally want to commit suicide, to "let it burn" in their parlance, i.e. voting "present" to Obama's plan and "letting him hang himself." They WANT Obama's plan to go through because they believe it will fail and they will bear no responsibility for the ensuing financial chaos leading to big, big wins in 2014.

    Reading these sites, you cannot imagine how ruby-red a line in the sand any tax increase on ANYONE is to these people. I truly doubt Boehner's Plan B has better than a 50-50 chance and if it passes, it will only be through extreme arm-twisting.

    I want to believe Obama's SS concession was based on the utter intransigency and idiocy of the Republican House caucus. Time will tell.

    •  Yeah, politico is reporting... (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      night cat, grrr

      ...that Boehner is still struggling to get votes.  He's not a good arm twister and his caucus doesn't like him very much.  They are also reporting that Nancy Pelosi is whipping her side harder than she's ever done (even harder than the health care bill), and she may succeed in getting no dems to cross over.  What I'd love to see her do is get a few dems to "cross over" and then yank their votes at the last second.

      I hope there is some counter-whipping going on.  I mean, if you are a conservative member, and don't like Boehner, this is a great way to have a "no confidence" vote and get rid of him once and for all.  Although I think it's probably remote, it wouldn't surprise me if support for this thing suddenly collapses--either before the vote is ever taken, or near the end of the voting if it looks like it will lose (a lot of folk would switch their votes to no at the very end to protect themselves and it loses in a landslide).  I still think it's more likely that Boehner finds a way to pull this out, even if the vote happens at midnight to do that.


      by LordMike on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 04:51:13 AM PST

      [ Parent ]

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