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This is Part LII of My Stupid State where I document what happens when a state full of Democrats elect a veto-proof, right-wing legislature along with a teabag, CRIMINAL governor to lead us. (Once again, yes--an actual bona-fide criminal who literally stole from seniors, who subsequently elected him.) This is my documentation of my beloved but idiotic's slow descent into chaos.

I really hate this man.

Rick Scott, as pointed out by Soledad, is heavily supported by the NRA.  The video is painful to watch as our idiot governor REPEATEDLY dodges every one of Soledad's questions on what he supports and refuses to name one damn thing that will change in this Godforsaken state.  (She starts getting ticked around 1:15)

YES, that is our governor.

Background checks? Guns to mentally ill? Guns for those with a history of domestic violence?  Giant assault rifles and high capacity magazines?  Gov. Crome Dome can't take a stand on any of that because some bullshit about letting people mourn.  But oh, I'll tell schools they better review their safety policy.  (This from the man who in his first year stripped our schools of 1.3 billion.  Thanks asshole.)

Soledad was furious, and so was I.  I live here.

Why won't Rick Scott say anything about anything?

Because Florida is the NRA's playground. They ALWAYS try their luck with the FLorida legislature before going to other states:

You may know us from the Stand Your Ground law made famous by the death of Trayvon Martin.  Turns out many killers with a long history of violence use this law to go free.

Thanks NRA.

Earlier this year, Lex Luther and the state legislature pushed a RIDICULOUS bill backed by the NRA to force all local governments to rescind ordinances banning random shooting in populated areas.

Thanks NRA.

It gets worse.  My own idiot legislator pushed a bill written by the NRA to make it a crime for a doctor to ask about guns in the house and get fined $5 million for doing so.  (A psychiatrist asking Nancy Lanza if she kept her guns safe would have gotten him in big trouble here).
It was thrown out during a Court challenge for being anti-First Amendment (and a lotta stupid, even for us), so asshole Rick Scott spent a lot of taxpayer money to appeal the ruling.

Thanks NRA.  

As crazy as these bills are, there are always new ones that get considered that don't pass.  (Can you imagine? Last year it was the one that would allow firearms outside of clothing on college campuses).  

Every single year, one new law gets passed here that the NRA supports or even writes for our inept legislators. We are the experiment.  The NRA is the mad scientist.

And Rick Scott is our fucking idiot.  

Originally posted to DKos Florida on Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 11:43 AM PST.

Also republished by Your Government at Work.

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