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Facepalm: The Next Generation
So, with the Western Pacific nations seemingly having survived the Mayan apocalypse, it's time to note another embarrassment to public discourse. Which would be the Republican House. Which today went throught the motions of twisting arms and counting heads and browbeating and using every other possible poor political metaphor to pass part of a bill that has no chance even of being voted on in the Senate, would be laughed out of the Oval Office if it even got there, and has accomplished nothing but to waste time and money and a whole lot of foul fetid hot air.

Dearest Republicans: You are buffoons. Apparently, you felt the need to make clear to everyone yet once again that you really really like giving gifts to really really rich people while taking money away from those most in need, but there really really wasn't any actual reason to do it. We get it. That's why you got buried in an election year that had so many traditional dynamics working in your favor. That's why your approval ratings are in the toilet. That's why only gerrymandering saved your last toehold— or clawhold— or whatever it is you buffoons have with which to cling to your last waning vestige of federal relevance.

Since Obamacare was enacted, you have voted nearly three dozen times to repeal it. And failed every time. Nearly three dozen times. You didn't extend unemployment benefits, you didn't pass jobs bills, you didn't pass a bill that would have given tax breaks to companies that bring jobs back to the United States, and you didn't even pass a veterans' jobs bill. We get it. You only care about really really rich people. You can make that point by just coming out and saying it. You can save us all so much time and money and you can save yourselves these repeated embarrassments. This doesn't have to be so hard. You are assholes. We get it. Just say it. You don't have to be buffoons, too, do you?

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