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Christmas card with Santa Claus, and father and son toting assault rifles.
A picture that really, non-ironically, exists.
You'd think conservatives would be happy to support our efforts to ban military-grade weaponry, given that we wouldn't have the tools necessary to take out Santa Claus and emerge victorious in our War on Christmas!

Instead, they're just so angry that we're not letting them love their guns this Yuletide season. Or something. You try to figure it out, below the fold.

10:35 AM PT: Sorry about that. Poll added.


Well hello there mr. Communist-moron! How do you know its Christmas? because Christians are again under attac and liberals are trying to take our guns awaay. Some crazy asshole shoots kids so I can't defend myself and my family from rapists and burglers? Sounds really fucking smart. Why are you nazis trying to take our guns away? If the problem is crazy fuckers shooting kids then just make it so that crazy people cant get guns. Nobody would complani. And if the problem is criminals using guns then take the guns from CRIMINALS you stupid shithead. But leave me and other real americans alone. Guns dont kill people, assholes do. and for the record mr. hitler, Id ont own an "assault rifle" that you pinko fags keep talking about, only crazy people have assault rifles. nobody would care if assault rifles are banned, because normal people don't have them. the problem is you trying to take away all guns from real americans. I own four pistols and three shotguns and I know how to use
 them. If some thug breaks into house to steal my TV i put a bullet in them. If you come into my house to take my guns I put a bulet in you. You go ahead and make some anti-crazy people laws but keep your faggy hands off pistols, shotguns and rifles because we have  A SECOND FUCKING AMENDMENT you retarded fuckbucket. White Christians do what? like 1% of murders? How about you concentraet on the other 99% and leave us alone. Try to ban Christmas and self-defense guns and you faggots will lose every elections for thenext 30 years. I'm celebrating Christmas even if it pisses you off and I'm going to defend my family no matter what bullshit nazi laws you pass. Leave thinking to samrt people and you just keep sucking dick since your so good at it. Merry christmas.

You are so samrt!

Could you please find someone else to harass with your pedantic, elitist reactionary diatribes?

I have much more informed apolotical sources of information, who are intelligent enough to refrain from espousing their own viewpoint as some sort of ordained gospel. Therefore, your comments are not solicited, desired, enjoyed, and/or wanted. PERIOD.

I hope that this clears up the subject sufficiently, but if it does not, and you feel the need for something more well-defined and absolute in order to comprehend the gist of my message:


So what you're saying is that you're not samrt enough to click the "unsubscribe" link, and must instead resort to a pedantic, elitist, reactionary diatribe?

What else can you expect from a nation that KILLS it's unborn???

True. The statute of limitations on conservatives giving a fuck expired the second they were born.
Take your atheist bullshit to France, Moooooulitsas

season's greetings, you rancid piece of worm-infested shit. You must be pissed that people still celebraet Christmas and not "Karl marx day" or "Hitlerfest"? Atheism is not about any belief but simply hate for all those with faith. Atheists are typically involved in rape, drug use, pedophilia, suicide, alcoholism and so on because their entire life is based on hate and evil. You are a particylarly disgusting dungheap because you try to convert other people to your atheist-cult. maybe you want people addicted to marijuana and watching child porn you sell to them? atheism literally HAS NO VALUES, because it is only hate. You can't understand Christmas because Christmasd is about love and you know only hate. People likeyou should be shot or arrested, I hope we can make atheism a capital offence some day, because it recruits more criminals and perverts. How about you let Christians have our Christmas and you can spend the holidays in your rape-cave molesting dogs and drinking ter
 pentine? You know whats really funny? I will live a long and happy life loving my neighbors and my family and you will either die of drug overdose at age 40 or you get arrested in some kiddie porn raid and spend the rest of your life in prison being the "wife" to some black guy named "Leroy". That is the difference between Christians and atheists, we love and you hate. I hope your hate keeps you warm in your rusty abduction-van full of crack pipes and mein kampfs. I don't hate you but this country would be better of if you just fell into a wood chipper legs first.

Gotta be honest with you ... you suck at the "love" thing.
The Connecticut Tragedy

This is why you need edscan.

You need the truth.

You wont get it from people like Wolf. edscan

It wasn't video games or Hollywood, or even easy access to military-grade weaponry. Nope. It was the edscan banning.
A look behind the moustache of Moulitsas

They say that time can be measured by the length of Thomas Friedman’s moustache. If so then it’s past the point of revealing what you did this Thanksgiving.

While most Americans celebrated being Thankful for the opportunity to live in this nation, you and ilk held forth an orgy celebrating Bill Ayers, Nate Silver, and the Xerox machine, for without all three there would be no second term for Barry Kancamagus Swapo or whatever he calls himself this week.

It comes down to what you did on Election day, driving up to various precinct headquarters in a rented U-Haul with no plates unloading copied ballots in close swing states. An added bonus, you personally dispatched 10,000 carbon copy ballots in the race that sent a true warrior packing, Allen West, in favor of Patrick “Pit Pat” Murphy. Of course you served in the military … the USO show, dancing around the Festivus pole as Dick Clark and Regis looked on. How did Nate Silver predict the results so well? He was behind the Xeroxing, an incentive to keep his winning ways going and thus still appear on the Rachel Meadow Show.

Lord knows this Christmas you and your pals will dress up in body paint as Santa’s reindeer and crash a living nativity scene. “Daddy I thought Rudolph had a glowing nose not a … what the ?” You’ve done it before on Halloween only this time as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, going door to door some rural areas. Trick or Treat! Then the lusty embracing began … “Please vote for Mitt.” You’d holler out before being chased off the lawn.

Thank goodness there are some states willing to hold fast and retaliate. It won’t be long now. The US Senate will flip in 2014 and the White House soon afterwards. Too bad so sad. Then the gnashing and wailing will begin … and then you’ll have to buy more Nate Silvers and copy machines just to stay competitive. Do you have enough Soros dollars? Or will you have to accept a loan from China again?

I couldn't grow a moustache if I wanted one. I end up looking like Shaggy. So, the answer is "there's nothing behind my moustache." Thanks for asking!

p.s. There was just one close swing state. So I didn't have to do that much driving.


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