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This is total fiction, a fantasy story.  The only real names are my own and my ancestors, all dead except me.  Of course I can use the names of the fictional characters from my favorite fantasy series, Dr. Who, and perhaps even some from my new favorite TeeVee program, NCIS.

Otherwise, no names have any relation to living people.  Here we go!

I knew that something was wrong with me.  I had been having chest pains for some time, sometimes alone, sometimes next door with my surrogate family.  Last night they got really bad, and I was home alone.  Something really became painful, and I began to change.  At the time I did not understand why.

Then I heard a strange sound.  I was really ill, ready to die.  Then came this:

I was astounded!  Never in my life could I have thought of anything like this, and here was an alien, right in my house!  What to do?  Well, thinking quickly, I offered him tea.  Fortunately I had two clean cups, so we each shared a cup of green tea.  Then he asked me something something extremely harsh.  Please allow you to sit in on our conversation.

The Doctor:  "David, my regenerations are at their end now.  You are getting old.  I have been watching you for decades.  Want to help each other?"

Me:  "What can I do to help?  I am sort of afraid of you!  You sort of put what looks like a telephone booth into my bedroom as I am so, so ill, out of nowhere, and you want ME to help YOU?  I am dying!  I will be lucky to live until the morning and tell someone how much I love her!  Oh, I know, this is the fantasy as the blood supply gets cut from the brain.  This is only my last illusion!  I wish that it would have been about her."

The Doctor:  "Look, Stupid!  You are not dying!  Your chest pains are because you do not get enough potassium in your diet!  You are sort of stupid, but I know that you love that young woman, and that her little girls loves you as a father, and she must might, maybe, in decades, love you."

Me:  "Right.  So I guess you hacked into all of my telephone and email posts!  Thanks!"

The Doctor:  "Yes, I have done that for a long time, at least in your aspect.  I care about you, and the ones that you love."

Me:  "Why?"

The Doctor:  "Because you are honest with yourself, with her, with her little girl, and with her parents.  No other male in her life, except for her stepfather, has EVER cared about her and hers.  All of the others just want to take sexual advantage of her.  You do not, although I suspect that you might enjoy being with her some day."

Me:  "Of course I would, but that is a a long time down the highway.  We have to be best friends first, and come to love each other as individuals first."

The Doctor:  "As I loved Granddaughter, Leela, Jo Grant, and more than any, Sarah Jane!  I never had a physical relationship with any of them that you would know, but actually Sarah Jane and I did.  It was tender, loving, and more emotional than I ever thought could be.  But I did not age, and she did, and finally died last year, as the Earth calender shows.  That is why I am here."

Me:  "Why, to make you feel better?  I never knew her."

The Doctor:  "I knew that you would be difficult, David!  Why are you so Terrans obstinate!  I am about to offer you something that no human has ever been offered.  I am so, so old and have no regenerations left."

Me:  "So what do you want?  I am running out of time for you."

The Doctor:  "Yes, you are, not only for me but for her, her family, and yourself.  I have a gift for you that no human has ever had.  It MIGHT be possible for me to transfer some, maybe all, of my Time Lord attributes to you.  If we are lucky, some of my memories will be there as well.  Look, I am at my end of regenerations, and you, and only you, seem like a nice enough person to continue my work.  Can you do it?

Me:  "This is a joke!  Happy Christmas to you!"

The Doctor:  "No, David, it is NOT a joke!  I am just about done.  If we merge, you will still be you, but you will have all of my over 1000 years of memories and insight.  If you do not want to do so, I understand.  What say you?"

This is part of my new fiction.  What say my readers?  Should I continue with a second chapter?

Warmest regards, and Happy Christmas to all!


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