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"I keep swearing to myself that I won't comment on your gun crap anymore."

So said a Facebook acquaintance who seems to think that the reason zie's not afraid of crime is because zie has a gun in zir house, after I provided evidence that violent crime in the US continues to decline and that I won't accept "I'm scared of crime" as an excuse to own a gun. Apparently this offends zir.

Never mind that crime rates in the US have consistently dropped by more than a percent every year since 1990. Never mind that having a gun in your home makes it MORE likely that you'll die a gun-related death (whether homicide, suicide, or accidental). No, no. HAVING A GUN IN THE HOUSE MAKES ZIR FEEL SAFE.

I'm glad I don't live in zir world.

When asked if I'd feel afraid to visit zir home knowing there was a gun in it, I answered quite candidly. Yes, I would be afraid, and furthermore, I'd decline any invitation as long as the gun was in the home.

That's when the "gun crap" comment emerged. I'm this close to just blocking the idiot and having done with it.

My gun crap? How about your gun crap? Your unsupported, fear-based, idiotic gun crap - yes, that gun crap.

See, here's the thing about gun owners that I really don't get. By owning a gun and saying it's for protection, the gun owner (to my way of thinking) is admitting two things:

1. They are willing to KILL ANOTHER HUMAN BEING if they feel threatened enough.

2. They see nothing wrong with #1.

To me, that makes them dangerous and unsafe to be around. So you're damned tootin' I'm not going to go near your house if you have a gun in it. If that offends you, I guess my friendship isn't as important as the fantasy safety you feel from having a big bad gun in your home. Now I know. My life is not as important as your fictional safety. Good to know.

(For what it's worth, my response to the "gun crap" comment was: "Then don't. I'm sick of reading yours." I can't wait to see what zir next pathetic rejoinder will be.)

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