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Two issues.

1.  Guns are out of control and reform is needed.

AND - this is important.

2.  The 2nd Amendment is SAFE - guns will not be banned.

Both sides have to acknowledge the others concerns.

The NRA could of had parents supporting them .... no joke.

If the NRA would relax and realize the 2nd Amendment is safe, they know this already, this would allow them to do what is right and the best for the NRA and the public.

The NRA COULD have championed stricter gun law regulations starting with the background checks and gun show loopholes.  The NRA should state that THEY are the last group that wants to see a gun in the wrong hands and are ready to back reform to make this their primary focus.
If the NRA was all over getting the guns out of the wrong hands and securing the guns that are out there via licensing , gun safes and a multitude of other ideas. Banning the large magazines, armor piercing bullets, assault weapons and the like have to be part of the solution.

If they would just change their name to something like Responsible Gun Owners many would listen to them. There could be a dialog.

If they proceeded along that course, the public would be more apt to listen. They have to understand that the modern day NRA way of thinking, has to go, along with the current board.
I am 55, a gun owner and I remember when the NRA were the Mentors of Safety and Responsibility. It was a feather in your cap to be safe and to spread safety, it was like a good virus. Gun owners were safe because it is smart. They locked away guns, used trigger locks. Protecting children from getting the guns was imperative. It is and was a matter of common sense. This was 45 years ago.
I am not a member of the NRA nor have I been. My guns are for hunting and I live out in the country so perhaps for defense. I have an old military style bolt action rifle and a beautiful Browning 16 gauge 'Sweet Sixteen' shotgun. They shotgun is very valuable (50 years old) more of a collectors item, my dad gave it to me when I was a child.  

I know that many just want all guns banned and nothing short of that.
I am not here to debate guns, I think you have to look at reform first.
We have too many guns on the street and too many guns available to people that should not have them.

If you're on the no-fly list, you can't fly on a public airline but you can take a cab to a gun show and buy whatever your little heart desires. The NRA should detest this, until they do they are just hurting themselves. If they disappear I will not cry.
They might actually be able to help the public and their cause too. But only if they morph into a public friendly organization. Millions of parents and others that really knew nothing of the NRA months ago, hate them now. With LaPierre in charge the hate will build. If they are too stupid to see that, then maybe they should just disappear.
They blew it !!

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  •  Tip Jar (8+ / 0-)

    -- ** Don't Push the River, It Flows by Itself. ** Al Tillis

    by altillis on Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 10:36:38 AM PST

  •  The NRA has a monopoly (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    hnichols, a2nite

    and as with any monopoly, they go to the extreme and abuse their trust. The only thing that will break the back of NRA intransigence is another responsible organization of gun owners and others that believe in RKBA (I am not one of them) but also agree in sensible gun safety. If 74% of the NRA membership disagree with their leadership, they should be given another option. The NRA will listen only when they bleed membership to a new group. Added bonus, if this new group actually supports democratic candidates that support rational gun safety rules.

  •  I have commented on this before (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    a2nite, redding888, CroneWit

    and so has twigg and probably many others. My fear was the NRA would come out and express sincere sympathy for the children and their families and acknowledge what a terrible thing had been done. They would then state they were willing to do whatever it took to end this violence. This would temporarily fool the public into thinking the NRA had changed. Then as soon as congress reconvened in 2013 they would go in the back doors of all their congressional puppets and tell them that if they gave one inch they would be targeted by the NRA and never get another dime of gun money.

    As twigg said, I need not have worried. They went full on batshit crazy just like they always do.

  •  The NRA has become primarily (0+ / 0-)

    A lobbyist for gun manufacturers. The safety mission has taken a back seat for many years now. I would love to see a competing organization who's focus would be exclusively on responsible ownership and safety. Since only a minority of gun owners are NRA members, it seems there is potential for such a group.

  •  I am all for removing (0+ / 0-)

    the Gunshoe loophole.  I could be persuaded to reduce the size of magazines from 30 down to 15 or so.  I would vote against anyone that votes for a new assault rifle ban.  The old law was a joke.  Why anyone would be for reinstating it is beyond me.

    I use my assault rifle for coyote hunting primarily.  Forcing me to give it up is a none starter.  In my opinion, they are also the most fun gun to shoot due to the fact they are a very small caliber rifle (.223) and the gas piston makes them easy to shoot.  Allowing the hunting to get off quick follow through shots also means less animals that only get wounded.

    Forcing the next generation of hunters to use their grandpa's bolt actions is not acceptable.

    Putting on the flack jacket to defend against the nasty posts to come.............

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