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A long, long time ago, I read the transcript of the Scopes Monkey trial.  The version I read included the proffer of evidence that the court rejected, namely any evidence that might be considered science.

Clarence Darrow was not allowed to present any scientific evidence, although much of what he wanted to introduce was entered into the record so that an appellate court would have the ability to determine if it should have been allowed, if the appellate court were ever asked to do so.

One of the bits of evidence that I found fascinating was the evolutionary evidence that whales had vestigial hips.  This was known in 1923! The implication was that whales once had legs, meaning they were land animals.  

For decades, the deniers of evolution pointed to whales as the big sticking point that disproved evolution.  Where, they would ask, is the fossil record showing that whales walked on land?  If the hips are current evidence that whales evolved, then were is the chain of fossils that show the evolution?

Today I happened upon the answer to this question in this National Geographic article.  Where is the fossil record of whales with legs?  Why, in the desert, of course.  Specifically, the Valley of the Whales in Egypt.

I don't know about you, but I just find it amazing that the blue whale -- the length of a football field and weighing 200 tons, twice as large as the largest dinosaur -- started out as a mere land mammal.  If you find this interesting, check out the article.  For NatGeo, it's pretty good.  If you're not interested, well, what the hell are you doing here?  There are tons of interesting things on this site!

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