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Robot Santa from Futurama firing a machine gun
A santa every wingnut could embrace.
If you've wondered whatever happened to George Rockwell, he still emails me on occasion. But frankly, he's become repetitive. However, I may have found a worthy replacement. While Rockwell was gentle crazy bigot, this new guy is a frothing-at-the-mouth crazy wingnut of the "Barry Sotero" variety.

At a time I've considered retiring hate mail-a-palooza, at least as a weekly feature, this guy promises to re-energize and re-motivate me. Hopefully he lives up to those expectations!

Have a fantastic New Year, knowing that we made a lot of these wingnuts cry in 2012. Let's do it again. And again.

And again.

This week's goods, below the fold!

A song about you

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way

Markos likes to suck some cock because he's really gay!

He takes it in the mouth and he takes it in the butt

Everytime you see him he has a dick right in his gut!

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way

Markos is a piece of shit that we should throw away!

Markos is the town bike, we all have had a ride

When he goes to prison, he will make a pretty bride!

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way

For the scumbag we call Moulitsas, treason is foreplay!

He's the biggest fucking homo you're ever gonna see

He will lick your balls and asshole and then he'll drink your pee!

Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way

Markos loves our enemies and hates the USA!

'tis the season, I guess!
If you were the benevolent dictator

Don't worry Kos, you'd be killed LONG before that happened.  That's what would let most of us sleep well at night.  Just returning some of that liberal tolerance y'all have for us.

We don't want you crazies dead. Just in the minority. Deep, deep minority.

And we're getting there!

Kos your head is up your ass

You will never stop the NRA so keep dreaming. Kos you are a left-wing degenerate and I hope your whole family catches AIDS. Go to Hell you pinko Son of a Bitch.

Nothing says "god's work" like making assault rifles available to the likes of Adam Lanza!
NRA is right!

From my cold dead hands....good luck comi bastard, revolution is coming!  Bang Bang

Revolution? NRA is too busy trying to increase the size of government security forces to "protect" schools! You might want to have a chat with them about it.
Corrupt moron, you

You are nothing but scum.

Was your Christmas paid for by Soros? Obama is putting everyone out of work with more and more taxes and regulations while americans suffer! Of course you dont give a shit since Soros will never run out of money. But this was the last election stolen by ACORN! Next time we have laws to stop mexicans and criminals from voting, YOUR LOSS! Spend that Soros money well because by next Christmas you could be in jail getting your "turkey" stuffed if you know what I mean! Treason is still against the law and every democrat is a traitor or worse! Maybe you should move to north Korea before the american people rises against the Obama regime and the executions begin! Black people are great as long they work for a living. Latinos are great as long as their here legally. But democrats are only great as long as their behind bars!!! My new years promise is to pray every night that you fall down the stairs and break fifty different bones!

Crazy wingnuts are great as long as they learn how to speak and write proper English! So, uh, you might want to work on that.

From: Thomas Roy Bender (
To: Markos

Being of trueCossack ancestry, I am deeply offended by your slick deceitful use of our heritage. It has nothing to do with your Communist and Fascist Socialist ideals.

Perhaps America's true Cossack/Slav population can prevent you from disgracing their name with your Commie/Nazi antics.

I guess I will discuss this issue with the Feds that I know.

You are slick, as Rosenberg was when he rewrote Germanic history for Hitler.

The one thing I will say about Kalifornia's younger Facist Socialist Generation, they are slick and sleazy.

Okay, that was brilliantly funny! I just had to let him know.
From: Markos
To: Thomas Roy Bender

Okay, that was brilliantly funny!

Pop quiz: How many Jews did your descendants murder?

From: Thomas Roy Bender
To: Markos

Do you have brain farts when you wake. Tell the World about Hitler's Nazi Jews and the collaborators the fingered other Jews to the Nazi's to save their ass. Tell the World about Rosenberg that rewrote Germanic History to fit Hitlers needs. What a butt head you must be. Tell the World about your beloved Stalin that set the wheels in motion to murder 60 million+ Russians. Your homey in the oval office likes to use the slogan of Stalin.

From: Markos
To: Thomas Roy Bender

You are a doll!

But I think I get it -- I'd be angry too if my ancestors were both collaborators of Hitler AND Stalin! And yeah, I'd be upset if my ancestors were best known for their murders and rapes of thousands of Jews. That's gotta suck.

So you froth at the mouth over perceived Nazis and communists in the White House, when really, this is all an effort to project away from your heritage.

From: Thomas Roy Bender
To: Markos

If you are at Berkely, that would explain your ignorance. Afterall, you have Reich as a propagandist.
You have no knowledge of the Cossacks. That is obvious.
You might wish to take a trip to the Lower East Side or to Brighton Beach and spew your idiocy there.
Can't wait to go over these emails with my FBI Coordinator and a few others.

Our current exchange only gets better from this point, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Next week we'll vote on the best hate mail of the quarter, and the week after that we get to vote on the best hate mail of 2012.

By the time we return to fresh hate, I suspect Thomas Roy Bender will make up a good portion of it. At least I hope so!


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