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First Diary – please be gentle.

I allowed my head-cold-medicine addled brain to wander this morning.  I found myself descending into a little meltdown, which produced some of the following thoughts/fantasies.

Haven’t we all had enough of the petulant children in Congress playing with our economy as if it were some disposable toy?  The brinksmanship displayed the last time the “debt ceiling” came up showed us the very worst of these people who have the unmitigated nerve to call themselves “leaders” and “public servants.”

And here we are again: Another “debt ceiling” and the ominous “fiscal cliff” staring us all in the face.  Members of Congress have known this was coming for months, and yet have continually used last minute crisis management to eke out stop-gap measures that are weak tea at best.

I think it’s time for our President to start using some of the tactics and measures used by Republicans in recent history.  Sweeping use of executive powers!

Rip a page straight out of Rick Snyder’s Michigan playbook.  Declare emergency in Congress, and send in Hillary as their new Emergency Manager.  She will be left in charge until Congress can learn to manage their own affairs…which obviously they cannot do at the moment.

Give them all a Time Out.  New Rules – you can’t vote until you learn how to get along like civilized people.  Even Reagan and Tip were able to put aside differences at the end of the day.  And the result is that stuff got done.  (Granted, not always great stuff!)

So members would need to provide proof positive of their willingness to work for the people they supposedly serve.  When and only when they have demonstrated an ability to use creative problem solving across the aisle, will they be allowed to cast a vote.  Refusal to take part will result in Time Out being extended indefinitely.

Hell, declare the entire place a Federal Disaster Area and send in FEMA and the National Guard.  Let people who are geared to SERVICE provide oversight to these ninnies who don’t even comprehend the meaning of service.

We don’t need to send letters that admonish and cajole.  We’ve tried that for a long time, and it doesn’t appear to be working.  We need to send them an ice-cold pitcher of water and throw it in their collective faces.  The message being, “you cannot do this to us anymore – we’ve had enough.”  Perhaps that pitcher is a complete disappearance of outside election money.

I realize this could all be accomplished through the electoral process.  Unfortunately, we Dems screwed up royally in 2010, and failed to show up in enough numbers.  We bear part of the blame.

Then there is the ugly, self-centered party of greed which seeks nothing but its own sociopathic desires.  Unfortunately, they got to redraw most of the maps this time around, and we have to find ways around their sick agenda until we can once again regain control and bring sanity back to government.

Until then, we can dream, can’t we?

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