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I couldn't help myself.  It amazes me how so called 'educated' conservatives haven't a fucking clue about anything outside of their own characterizations of what a 'liberal' is.  Have they even been to a big city?  Have they ever been to Europe - really?  Do they know that we own property, guns and cars?  Idiots.  A more detailed version of her rant can be found here Deadhead's diary.  Go below the orange French-looking thing if you are still with me:

1.) Resolve to spend time with gun-owners.
Um, I own a gun.  In fact I own several.  None of them are hand-guns or assault rifles.  Just for hunting and target practice.  And guess what.  Many countries in Europe have high rates of gun ownership too.  It's just that those guns have to be registered and cannot be freely bought and sold.  And they are part of maintaining a real 'militia', like the Founding fathers wanted.

Oh, and lots of liberals own guns.

2.) Resolve to stop watching Rachel Maddow. Her negative attitude is ruining your day and you do not even realize it. At a minimum, admit that her show is rooted in hyperbole and not real news.
I'll tell you what.  Pick any conservative you want.  Any one.  And have that person debate Rachel.  The rules of the debate is that only provable facts can be presented.  No 'natural law' or 'God's law' bullshit.  And if that conservative wins the debate, I will listen to that conservative.  This WILL NOT HAPPEN.

And WTF about a negative attitude?  Shit, Fox is nothing but a bunch screaming heads yelling about the 'War on Christmas', 'Gay Agenda' or 'Liberal Media'.

3.) Resolve to eat a real hamburger. Just one. If you prefer, choose a burger from free-range cattle. I guarantee it won’t kill you; it will leave you feeling full for once.
Love hamburgers.  Cheeseburgers, actually.  With bacon.  But I don't eat those factory raised burgers at large chains.  They taste like shit and are awful for the environment.  Not too mention how cruel they are to the animal.  Those factory fast-food joints?  All run by heavy GOP downers who suppress wages.  So yeah, I'm glad we actually agree on something.  We should only eat 'real' hamburgers, not those abominations from factory fast food joints.  Although, I get the feeling that's not what you meant.
4.) Resolve to admit that the TSA scanners are carcinogenic.
I'm going to say this one more time, and really slowly:  The    government   regulations   on    security   come   from    the   Bush   Administration.

We have been fighting that shit since September 12, 2001.  You remember that time don't you?  The time when the Bush admin came out and said everybody should watch what they say?  The time when the PATRIOT act came out and people started going to prison for years without due process?  Yeah - we have been fighting government intrusion into our private lives for a VERY VERY long time.  It's only when a black man showed up in the White House that all of this became a concern to you.  Funny that.  And by the way - we believe in all of the Bill of Rights - not just the Second Amendment which seems to be the only one that counts to you.

5.) Resolve to buy property.
I have owned 5 houses.  My Dad owns property and so did my Grandfather.  Owning property is an American dream.  It is now unobtainable for many people, not just liberals.  I don't know what your point is.  I vote for bond and tax increases in my school district because I want good schools.  Guess what?  When you live a community with good schools, good roads, lots of open space and good government services - your property values go up.  I guess I'm selfish that way.

And again, WTF are you talking about 'domestic drones'?  I don't have any idea where you get your notion of what liberals want - but it certainly isn't a surveillance state.  Again you had no problem with that until a black man showed up in the White House.

6.) Resolve to travel to Europe.
Been there.  Would love to live there.  But somehow, I think you haven't been there. Or maybe if you have, it was on some sort of whirlwind tourist guided tour.  Because you certainly haven't done any business there or met the people.  London tube?  Dead easy, clean efficient, cheap.  Paris Metro?  Even better.  And they are kicking our ass on things that are near and dear to 'conservatives' - upward mobility, entrepreneurship, standard of living, etc.  Plus they have universal healthcare, free college and many other 'liberal' things.  What's not to love?  I'll give up my car for free healthcare and a chance to make my ideas flourish.
7.) (For liberal ladies) Resolve to let a guy open a door for you.
I'm a dude and I open the door for ANYBODY behind me.  It's just polite.  I've yet to get a dirty look.  
8.) (For liberal guys) Resolve to be a man. Enough said.
Totally a man.  But I was born that way.  I don't care if a guy is 'sensitive'.  But being a man means being secure with yourself.  Being secure enough where I don't have to compensate by owning a bunch of big guns, owning a big truck when I don't have a use for one, belittling other people or treating women like shit because 'I'm the man'.  I'm a real man.  A real confident man.  Confident in myself where I don't have to put people down or thump my chest to get attention.  My wife thinks that's incredibly sexy.  Good enough for me.  So again I guess we agree.  Be a real man, or women.  Be comfortable with who you are and let others be comfortable with who they are.  But I'm again guessing that is not what you meant.
9.) Resolve to protest a stupid rule.
Do it all the time.  But not because it violates some conservative concept of 'God's law' or 'Nature's law', but because it's stupid.  BTW - since we don't have God sitting somewhere telling us what her rules really are - all of those rules you think are 'God's law' are just a human interpretation of what you think they are.  AND sometimes rules you think are stupid where put there for a good reason, like without the rule, it is easy for someone cheat the government, sell lethal products, destroy the environment, etc.  How about we have real discussions on what should and shouldn't be the rules based upon how they really resolve problems?  Is that too far out of your grasp?
10.) Resolve to save endangered babies.
Are you talking about abortion?  The term 'endangered babies' is a new one.  Do you mean to say that there is some segment of the human population that is on the verge of extinction?  And that's why we can't even have birth control?  Look, if you want to have a discussion on abortion, fine.  Let's have it.  But let's have a real discussion.  Like what does that mean for privacy?  Up above, you were complaining about scanners.  But how much of an invasion of privacy is it to have the government regulate the sex organs of half of the population?  Oh, and again - I agree with your statement if taken literally 'babies' - as in live born children.  We should protect them by not cutting their food, healthcare and education.  But again - I'm sure that's not what you meant.
11.) Resolve to tell President Obama to bring the troops home.
So now conservatives are pacifist and liberals are war mongers?  W. T. F. ?  Obvioulsy, you don't even listen to Rachel Maddow because if you did, you would know that we want nothing more than to have all those troops home.  BTW, Obama has a plan to bring those troops home and has been executing on that.  This statement again shows that we agree - but probably not in the way that you meant.
12.) Resolve to read the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.
I have a lot of respect for Jobs and his products.  I love Apple products because they simply work.  But I hate that Jobs abandoned US production and moved manufacturing to Chinese sweat shops.  Again, I agree with this statement, but not for the reasons you made it.

In short, you have no idea what it means to be liberal.  I suggest you just stop making a fool out of yourself.

And to those who are reading this diary, thanks for letting me rant.  Happy New Year.

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