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Charles Schumer was saying that the Repubs are controlled by the Tea Party in the house. Until that is overcome..compromise with a traditional party is going to be difficult, at best.
 Difficult ain't impossible.
 What, at long last do we want? To become as uncompromising as them, or keep the country functioning, no matter how poorly as I've heard over and over.?
 Want to bet on how many unemployed considered the "curb" a cliff? And the businesses that depend on them? I'm going with 100%.
 Sue me.
 Curb or cliff? Anyone making over $400,000, every voracious parasite careening into that chasm screamed, "CLIFF!"
 The wealthy and the poor know a cliff when they see it.
 We punched the rich and saved the poor. Does that suck? Think the Repubs would have rescued the unemployed later?
 I've yet to see a single suggestion here, or anywhere, that isn't subject to debate. There is no perfect solution that will not require compromise. If there were, we would have had Utopia long ago, (and, trust me, that would suck. Utopia means nothing to bitch about. What the hell would we do then? Bitching is the true national pastime).
 Sure, we've got to fight more battles (Fancy that in history), but we got more than we ever believed possible in 2008. Look at only three things: the stimulus which resulted in 5 million jobs; Obamacare, and a president that forced..forced Repubs to raise taxes when no one else in history had ever been able to do it. And on the wealthy to boot! From the 500,000aires clear through the gazillionaires.
 By the by, I guarantee the wealthy can afford it, but it cuts their greedy little souls to the quick. It means they have less to buy elections with. Isn't that, alone, worth something?
 Were we hurt? I'd like to know how. Because we have to fight again? Better get used to that in life. That, or find Shambala.


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