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Up to this point today on the Daily Kos front page we have the following diaries even tangentially related to the Jobs crisis this country faces.

The unemployment report - Pretty much a news brief on the unemployment report released today.
Economics Daily Digest One link gets at the jobs problem. (Prospect)

Yesterday we got only an economic digest.
Economic Digest
I did not check the articles for jobs relation, but nothing jumped out at me.

How can we call ourselves progressives and this is all we have get on the front page of Daily Kos about the Jobs Crisis in this country?

I don't know if I will pull this off. I don't know if anyone will care enough to help.  The front page of Daily Kos looks like a series of reports about what is going on.  I feel like I am being wagged.  Our politicians are talking about entitlement "reform", so that is what is in the front page diaries.  While we must defend social programs we can do more than one thing at the same time.  Can we attempt to drive the narrative instead of just reacting to it?

I will attempt to post a diary as close to daily as I can.  The first part will be to harass the Front Pagers about ignoring Jobs.

The rest is a request to all of you. With the help of the community can we find our Congress people who say something that will have a positive impact on jobs and link to it, so we can encourage them, especially their constituents among this community.  We should also put the negative comments by our Congress people about Jobs, especially the misguided comments that somehow austerity will help the economy.

More below...

I expect most of what we will get in terms of Congress people comments will be misguided claptrap that somehow reducing the deficit also known as austerity will some how create jobs.  This is false and has been proven false in the Eurozone.  It does not matter if it is increasing taxes on the wealthy without spending cuts or letting the payroll tax holiday expire.  Any tax increase without a spending increase and any spending cut without a tax decrease is austerity and will hurt the economy and hurt jobs.[1]

I want to change the narrative.  It is naive and I have no idea if I can possibly be persistent enough over a long enough time frame to have a chance of even moving the narrative a little further to the left on this site even, let alone among our representatives.  But, it kills me that not a single politician seems to be able to get in front of the cameras and say "What the hell are we doing?  25 million people are unemployed or underemployed and we are worried about the deficit.  Millions more have job insecurity and could lose their job at anytime and we are worrying about the deficit."

It might be the mainstream media.  But, how about here we find the obscure Congress person who puts out a little press release about how they want a stimulus bill, and give them some positive feedback.

Let's manipulate our Congress people via positive and negative reinforcement to move in the direction we want. It will be slow and boring and may not work.  But, what else can we do.  We don't have billions and gigantic think tanks that can hire people and give them fancy titles, so they can go on Meet the Press.  So, we do what we can.

Of course that assumes, I can maintain sufficient dudgeon (currently at high dudgeon) to keep posting diaries often enough.  And, that anyone will care.

[1] On the margins some spending and taxes are more or less stimulative than others.  But, at those margins we won't make a dent in unemployment anyways.  So, lets just be against all austerity and stupid stimulus like tax cuts for the rich.

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  •  OK. Going first.. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA-02)

    Good-ish statement, so positive feedback on wanting to enact policies to improve job growth. Should probably be asked how the Jobs destroying austerity deal just passed by Congress helps with jobs.

    Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) Dec 29.
    Horrible statement that getting debts and deficits under control will magically create jobs.

    Ok.  Google news for Congress and Jobs sucks at finding anything from a Congress Person about Jobs.  Or, they really don't care.

  •  infrastructure infrastructure infrastructure (0+ / 0-)

    Elizabeth Warren listened when we talked about our needs for infrastructure/funding and how that will help stimulate the economy/jobs.  Congressman Bill Keating gets it too ... not sure what action has been taken at this point.

    Ask anyone in local or state government and they will tell you we need major investments in OUR infrastructures! Sewage treatment, roads, crumbling schools etc... Federal funding will not only solve problems of failing buildings and roads - polluted bays and rivers and lakes and streams and water supplies - unsafe bridges and tunnels - and so on, money invested in infrastructure CREATES JOBS.

    Millions of dollars were made when private companies built infrastructure in  Iraq. US companies raked in the tax-free dollars and employed the elite - you-gotta-know-someone.

    How about a little of that at home now that we've finished in other countries?

    Just found this on SENATOR :) Warren's website:

    Oh and bytheway - I am a 50 year old woman looking for a job - it is a lot harder then when I was a 30-year-old woman looking for a job!!!!!

    Women are 51% of the population yet are represented in congress by barely 17%! Until our representation reflects the population, we risk sliding backwards .....

    by 51percent on Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 08:37:29 AM PST

    •  There are 3.5 job seekers for every job (0+ / 0-)

      Her plan helps a little bit by moving money from less effective job creation to more effective, but it probably barely puts a dent in unemployment because of this point.

      The Plan is fully paid for – and it still reduces the national debt. The Rebuild Now Plan works because it re-focuses our priorities. Instead of spending billions of dollars of tax money on oil subsidies, for example, the Rebuild Now Plan would spend that money on rebuilding our roads, bridges, and mass transit. Instead of giving special tax breaks to billionaires, for example, the Rebuild Now Plan would ask them to pay a fair share toward helping finance water and sewer repairs for our cities and towns.
      Which makes it essentially deficit neutral and therefore just hoping to maybe force some billionaires to spend down private sector savings.

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