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Larry Klayman, the former head of Judicial Watch, has finally had enough.  In a column for WorldNutDaily, Klayman claims that now might be the time for a revolution along the lines of 1776.

I’ve been writing about it for over a year. Many of you may have thought that I was just trying to make a point and not serious about it. But, indeed I was always serious, as you should be too – as our Founding Fathers John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and company were serious in the years leading up to the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We no longer have a free nation! We no longer have a functional republic! What choice is there when the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government fail and refuse to take into account the profound grievances of the “We the People” and instead walk off to feather their own corrupt establishment nest?

The Founding Fathers and the colonies declared independence and waged a revolutionary war for a lot less than the current tyranny we face.

Klayman then ticks off evidence that supposedly suggests Obama is a worst tyrant than George III.  Among them--the recent fiscal cliff deal (which Klayman likens to taxation without representation), judges' refusal to hear the birthers' increasingly frivolous lawsuits (which Klayman compares to George III requiring that all felonies be tried in British courts), and the recent discussion over the need for common-sense reform of our gun laws (which in Klayman's eyes is like George III sending in troops in response to the colonists' request to just sit and talk).  All told, he thinks we're in an even worse situation than the colonists were.

Um, Larry?  Aren't you forgetting that in George's time, you couldn't speak out against the government?  Plus, where were you when Bush lied us into what amounted to an illegal war of aggression?

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