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Welcome to Indigo Kalliope's Limerick Challenge, a cozy artistic alcove tucked away from the more serious side of Daily Kos. Today, we're reducing some of the events of the past week to easily palatable limerick form, and offering you, dear readers, the opportunity for interaction in generating still more limericks through a live, interactive, on-demand user interface.

Those of you wishing to contribute your own limericks are encouraged to do so. Alternatively, you can provide me, your interpid diarist, with ideas for additional limericks, and I will create them while you relax in our virtual Indigo Kalliope lounge, sipping the imaginary beverage of your choice. Either way, it's bound to be interesting, enjoyable, and better than spending the evening cleaning out your fridge, paying your bills, or getting pet hair off those corduroy pants.

Speaking of housekeeping, here are few public service announcements before we begin:

   Join us every Tuesday afternoon at the Daily Kos community political poetry club.
                        Your own poetry is always welcome in the comments.
                           Bongos, berets & turtle neck sweaters optional.                                
                                The keyboard is mightier than the sword.    
As you may have noticed, our little Tuesday soirees have been picked up by Readers & Book Lovers (R&BLers), thanks to the caring ministrations of aravir. We also owe mega-thanks to bigjacbigjacbigjac, who has stepped up to host these events, keeping the flame alive following the passing of our dear ulookarmless.

If it's not Tuesday evening, you can still find Indigo Kalliope any time if you're in the mood for some left-leaning poetry and the companionship of a few good friends. Please check out (and contribute to!) our quirky artistic offerings. If you want to join Indigo Kalliope, please send a message to the group and one of us will send you an invitation.

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OK... now let's get the party started! Use the "comments" section to add your own limericks of challenge your intrepid diarist to address other topics of your choosing.

With the Hundred and Twelfth "history"
We can hope the next Congress will be
Less the party of "NO!!!"
Or a witless clown show
But I know that there's no guarantee :-[

For the GOP's rifts run quite deep
With Conservatives hoping to keep
The Tea Party in check
(They're a pain in the neck)
Poor John Boehner: he's still losing sleep

The speakership coup was a bust
Evil doings were loudly discussed
In a bar! For Pete's sake!
That's a rookie mistake!
Circumspection is really a must!

Now she's back from a scary blood clot
Hill'ry's gotten apologies - not!
"She's not sick! That's a lie!"
Angry Right-Wingers cry
"It's a Benghazi cover-up plot!"

Now that Lieberman's gone, we rejoice
But there's still John McCain's snippy voice
Lindsay Graham's there, too
Kelly Ayotte's the new
"Third Amigo" job candidate choice

So whatever Obama would do
He'll be strongly opposed by this crew
And their angry white friends
Whose contempt never ends
They will thwart any plan he'd pursue

The economy's now on the mend
But Right Wingers do not like that trend
They would happily scrap
That recovery crap
And see hopes for Americans end

As the "fiscal cliff" brinksmanship showed
They would drive this car right off the road
With the greatest of ease
Like Thelma and Louise
Letting all of our progress implode

For some folks, this was real, not a drill
And cliff diving was no kind of thrill
We're not happy about
Benefits running out
So the "fiscal cliff" jokes made us ill

On the Great Orange Satan squawk box
Warring factions claimed "Obama rox!"
"No, he sux!" others claimed
Comments grew quite inflamed
(We'd have rather tuned in to watch Fox)

Fellow Kossacks say "I recall when
We were courteous women and men
Now we spend days and nights
In unending pie fights
Is it time to go TTFN?"

We can scream 'til we all become hoarse
As we call for more civil discourse
Can't we all get along?
Sing that "Kumbaya" song?
And let love be the dominant force?

Well, enough of this... I've done my part
Now the "on-demand" limericks start!
Write your own, or ask me
To write more, and we'll see
The true joys of the limerick art!

3:24 PM PT: An EXCELLENT suggestion from 2thanks below, if you're looking for limerick topics:


 A limerick that asks Kossacks to write limericks about their favorite  groups to participate in in Daily Kos when the pie starts hitting the fan.  Extra points earned for use of DK jargon such as rox/sux, pie, mojo, DK, etc.

Originally posted to Readers and Book Lovers on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 02:00 PM PST.

Also republished by Indigo Kalliope and Courtesy Kos.

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