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Dr. Andrew Fenton, ER doc in Napa, speaks to the drying up of funds in the '90's for CDC researching deaths from guns.  In the meantime, hundreds of millions has gone to research auto deaths, which have declined.  Don't know about gun deaths becuz no $$$.  Implores Mike to consider asking to restore funding.  Mike responds that the Rep who carried the bill to cut the funding (a R from AR), has written an op ed (I believe, or maybe just a letter) indicating he regrets carrying the legislation, which he acknowledges was proposed and fought for because they were afraid of the impositions on guns.
Now guy wants the drugs shooters were taking investigated, so not guns but those drugs, and a lot of people die from falls.
Now young guy laments bosoms censored more than violence, and media glorifies killers.
Now 25 yr vet of special forces sez he had to have psych eval yearly, no requirement for high capacity magazines unless you arm the game, then sez when his child was young he put his guns in off site locker so his son could have friends over, then tells Mike to educate his colleagues re gun nomenclature; Mike responds ATF did class for Task Force staff, memo of Task Force tomorrow.
Now another guy talking about education, not regulation, regulation leads to fear and violence, we live in a crazy world, that's all there is to it.
Now young guy's (see above) father speaks.  Refers to Mike's fact that only 20% of the people in US own guns; if things like Newtown continue to happen then the 80% may act.  We need to be responsible because we are outnumbered.
Father of 9 yo twin girls - schools need armed guards.
Ret police sgt. gov't is reactive not proactive. He proposed officers on school grounds in 94; no, no, but now we do.  References Fast and Furious re: Congress being educated about guns.
Guy disputes term gun violence, it's violence, a pen could be an assault weapon, therefore # of rounds, style of weapon is wrong focus, should focus on people.  Mike takes him on, if magazine has only 20 bullets, then at the Gabby Giffords massacre, only 20 would have been injured, tells him that pie in the sky isn't going to help, guy sez gonna do what gonna do, magazine doesn't make any difference.
Guy sez need cops at school.
Next guy talks about bombs doing more harm than guns, violent nation, shut down mental hospitals, ganster rap and everything else, no one is doing anything.
Now lady wearing Brady Campaign shirt is there to honor her son, hopes Mike is able to take CA laws to the nation, thanks him for this forum.
Lady sez armed guards in columbine and Virginia Tech didn't help, did they?  Suggests media has first amendment rights, let's not name shooters as we don't name rape victims, how about making it so the Task Force declines to accept $$ from NRA.  Her husband was publisher of the NV Register for many years.
Lady speaks of support for Mike's efforts, lots of perspectives being looked at, thank you.
Man sez must figure out some way to come together and figure out how to make safer - was at 101 California in '93.  Sez no way can stop some people (Reagan Brady shot with SS right there) want to be civilized country - most important to deelevate the emotion and come together.
Man challenges NRA people to address gun violence together.  Wants to start a communication with NRA and others to start talking about gun safety v gun violence.
Former DC staffer sez education deleted from Obamacare; this sponsored by NRA, should be removed.
Angwin lady, nurse, mental health, no way to be proactive with mental pts in terms of taking guns away
Mike Harrington, ret MD, NRA supports education safety courses, but need background checks too.
Mike asks if anyone believes should not be background checks- yep, quite a few think shouldn't be background checks.
Middle School tchr suggests Mike come and hear what the students have to say
Guy sez elim phrase assault rifle, phrase used to mislead public; 20,000 gun laws in US and they don't work; teach and educate people re gun free zones; listen to Dave Grossman re terrorism.
Last 12 speakers, Mike will stay to hear them all (was supposed to leave at 8, it's now 9).
Guy sez we need to be respon., smaller magazines
Gun free safe zones as dangerous as guns - all multiple killings (ex 3) have happened in gun free zones, so over 15% of Israelis are always armed, video games are dev by military psychs and adapted to modern for everyone video games.
Guy wants to call on the carpet Congress - now much fiscal cliff $$ goes to NRA, Guns, video games, NRA, very scattered presentation.
Dr. Rowena something talks re mental health sufferers withdraw, aberrent behavior, sugg schools health be required in schools, incl mental health first aid unit.
Nancy Duckhorn opposing view with her husband who is duck hunting now - hopes all can continue to have dialog over issue.
Guy who researched gun sales, manufacturers - NRA blames video, media but gun mfr use same vids to sell guns
Guy sez we have culture propagating revenge instead of looking for solutions - plus hypersexualization of the culture, leads to breakdown of family
Lady wants to make it more difficult to get the ammo - tax the ammo
Australian guy ref 37 people killed in Tazmania; prime minister bought back all the assault weapons in the country mass murders gone.
Former City Council guy sez the ready accessibility is a problem, young men in large cities are the problem, they get the guns illegally, so we should sweep through the cities and take the guns = does not go over well with the NRA crowd.
Now mountain man hunter talks - calls NRA a terrorist organization because of they way they are stirring up with comments that the gov is going to take your guns away.
Mike concludes with mental health (good its.), background checks, mental illness, problem with state regulation is the current corridors that are labeled as gun highways.
There were shouters, but Mike shhhushed them.  No one was shot during the course of the gun forum.  Whew.

Originally posted to loisquick on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 10:53 PM PST.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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