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More below the fold:

Lately, I've been seeing more about Holy Priest DPS, so I respecced my Alliance spacegoat's Shadow DPS spec to Holy and tried it out.

My gear is crap, so I only get 15-20k DPS...but that's what I'd usually get as Shadow anyway. The good thing about Holy DPS is one stance change and bam! ready to raid heal. The bad thing, of course, being that I have no idea how to raid heal.

Have any guildies tried a Holy Priest DPS spec in Mists of Pandaria? How did it work out for you?

Team Kaels has just been blasting through bosses. Look at the report from Ninotchka:

Team Kaels had an incredible stretch of raiding last week. We started the week focusing on Mel'jarak, the fourth boss in Heart of Fear. He died on Tuesday night, then we powered through Un'sok the Ambershaper (on the forums he's one of the most difficult bosses this tier) and batted aside the Empress to finish out the Heart of Fear raid instance! We even finished early enough to get a quick look at the Terrace of Endless Spring. Unfortunately the effort proved too strenuous for Ashblade's computer. Yes, it has coughed out its last bit. He has a new one on order but we shall pause a moment in remembrance of the one that gave its life so that our characters might live. And his new machine sounds like it will be pretty sweet, once it gets there.

That quick look at the Protectors of the Endless stood us in good stead on Tuesday night. Ashblade's computer is still dead, so Cenwyn graciously swapped over to ol' Snufalupagus to be our offtank. We discovered that warriors, with their numerous interrupts and reflects, are fabulous at being the offtank in this fight. We also roped in Proudest to help us learn the instance and he did great, especially at the not-standing-in-lightning bits of the fight. Proudest had to leave after an hour or so, but we managed to corral Ceasium after their raid ended and he helped us to the win.

Progress from the Team RubiPam side as well! Here's Pamena's report:
Progress!!!!! Tuesday night, with Nina coming with us in Flint's place, we used our lockout and went straight to Spirit Kings, which we had only seen once before. Thanael tanked. and the rest of us spent a few wipes learning the dance, which took a few tries since Baelz, for one, had never seen the fight at all. On our last try, Pamena died half way through, which helped us discover that we could probably two heal this fight next time, as Bemused and Rubidium did yeoman healing work for fully half the fight. Finally, the last boss was down to about 8%, and there were only 4 raid members still alive - Thanael, Rubidium, Vevelain and Joravic - but they somehow managed to bring him down and we got it!! So FINALLY we're 4/16!! We then let Nina go off to her normal raid job at 10 PM, and we went to HOF to try the first boss in there again, as it is a one tank fight - Pamena switched to Senta and Cernun came in to heal. We had some good pulls, but didn't quite get it done, partly because Senta has apparently forgotten how to play arcane and did terrible dps, but next time, I feel sure we can do it. Tonight, Thursday, however, we have Nina helping us for the whole two hours (I hope), so we will tackle Elegon, which is mainly about execution, not so much about dps. Hopefully we can learn that one - a couple of us did it on normal with members of Team Kaels a few weeks ago, so maybe that will help, we'll see.

We miss Flint terribly, but we are so grateful to Nina for helping us in our hour of need. And Baelz is building a tank set so that he can be another subsitute tank, along with Corwynn, so I hope we will continue to progress while we wait for Flint to recover. We also miss Elu, who is out for much happier reasons as he is getting married next week and is busy with wedding prep - but we've got some great DPS backups in Joravic and Vanillapie who have been essential. So thanks everyone, and I hope I have more progress to report next week!

Other news:

Our Saturday Night Massacre continues going well, with a somewhat messy Sha victory this past Saturday - he was in a bad spot with lots of hozen patrols nearby, which some helpful Alliance toon kept kiting into us, giving us even more problems with adds. We finally recruited more pugs, got a full 40 member group, and succeeded. There was no old raid follow up, but several of us did LFR, which was fun also.

I'd like to schedule some more old raids, in addition to Ulduar and ICC which we have been doing to help Chanta, Snuffy, Thanael and maybe some others get items they need for legendary weapons of various sorts. Many people in the guild did not get to see the first and second round of Cata raids, Tier 11 (BWD et al) and Firelands, and Mageartin and Senta are still collecting items for their legendary staffs in Firelands, so perhaps we will try one of those in the next couple of weeks as a follow up to the Sha. Let me know of people's interest in that.

And thanks to Mahuae, our Tab Three Report:
Tab 3 report:

Contender's Satin Cuffs, lvl 90 cloth
Phantasmal Hammer, lvl 85 mace
Qu'nas' Apocryphal Legplates, lvl 87 plate
Shadowfire Necklace of the Bouldercrag,lvl 85, ilvl 415
Stormscale Chestguard of the Wavecrest, lvl 85 mail

If someone doesn't take those plate pants I'm putting them on my paladin.

That's this week - for the Horde!

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