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Okay.  So we know that Americans want sensible gun laws.  Right?  

Well this issue has struck a chord with my Republican mother and Libertarian father.  My mom, who hasn't voted Democrat since probably 1976, is on a rampage following what happened in Newtown.  She wants the 2nd amendment repealed.  Well, maybe she's going a bit far, but I'm telling you this issue is really resonating among anyone who isn't a total f*cking gun nut.

Mom really hates Obama.  Or I should say HATED Obama (past tense), until now.  Look what she wrote on her facebook page this morning:

"Thanks Joe and Barack. A sane plan for at least TRYING to curb gun violence. Are you listening, Heidi?"

She's refering to Heidi Heitkamp.  My parents live in Fargo.  They think the Republicans have gone off the deep end.  "They're f*cking crazy," says my Dad on a regular basis.

Not only are people realizing that the Republicans are bad for the country, they are considering not voting for them.  Wouldn't it be awesome if we could take the House back in 2014?  I'm telling you, this sabre rattling over the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff, along with the stubbornness over reasonable gun laws is going to crash the Republican Party in 2014.

Let's take back the House!  Our House.... is a very very very fine house!

UPDATE:  Wow, I made the rec list.  I had to leave for work right after I posted this.  Anyway, I wanted to point out another thing that Mom said on her facebook page today:  

"So ND is pushing for concealed weapons permits (you could take 'em to church) and allowing concealed guns in schools - as long as the district allows it. Good grief. REPEAL the 2nd Amendment and rewrite the damn thing so that people can UNDERSTAND what the word MILITIA means. Oh bring it on! I'm ready for you."
Wow, Mom has gone full-fledged against gun rights.  Maybe even more so than myself.  And that's saying something.

Originally posted to FightingRegistrar on Thu Jan 17, 2013 at 10:31 AM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA and Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).


Obama's speech yesterday on gun control was freaking awesome.

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