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    I have been debating for days on how to write this entry.  Every day trying to think of what to write whether it be about the 2nd Amendment, the Crazies the have hijacked the Republican party, the foolishness of the NRA, Republicans who want to arm teachers in the school, some who have also called for kids to be armed.  I keep asking myself what is the problem with all this nonsense.  I finally came to a realization that people have lost all aspects of common sense or street smarts as some people would call it.

So lets start with:

1) The Second Amendment: As passed by the Congress:

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  The highlighted part is the only part people use as their defense to hide behind.  When the Supreme Court ruled on the 2nd Amendment it in my opinion interpreted it incorrectly.  To me the it is as clear as day what our fore fathers meant to say in this amendment was that people should be allowed to bear arms as they are part of a well regulated militia(army)for the security of a free state.  So in essence this is amendment isn't really valid in today's times because we have a military which provides security for the United States.

2) The Crazies that have hijacked the Republican party,

    I call those people the American Taliban religious fanatical, birth-er movement, conspiracy theorist Tea Party members who truly have lost all their common sense making outlandish remarks.  The fact of that matter is that first they can't stand a black man as President they don't come out and say it but lets face that fact that with every comment and action the put forth has that undertone.  The conspiracy theorists who have been harassing family and people in Newtown because they believe it was staged and everyone is involved.  Seriously!!

3) The NRA,  

    The most hypocritical organization in the country, they blame gun violence on videos games but they fail to tell you that they have released video games of their own.  Let's put police officers in every school, when President Clinton tried to do that they lobbied against it.  The Ad using the President's children not only is wrong but really lacks common sense because its not even the same.  Or by completely castrating the ATF from being able to do its job.  

     About 10 years ago former Congressman Todd Tiahrt inserted an amendment known as the Tiahrt amendment into a spending bill cutting of the ATF at the knees not allow the agency to do what the NRA is requesting them to do.  In this amendment it allowed gun dealers to ignore police requests for assistance, ended oversight for used gun sales, required the destruction of background check records to be destroyed with in 24 hours, it barred the ATF from requiring gun dealers to take inventories additionally it also barred the ATF from sharing records with any other than a criminal investigation and any information released to a civil suit would not be admissible in court. The NRA basically wrote this amendment with them giving the final approval on the wording before it was sneaked in the bill.

4) Congressman Louie Gohmert, Virgina Gov. Bob McDonnell, State Senator VA. Frank Niceley, Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, Oklahoma State Rep. Mark McCullough,  State Senator OK. Ralph Shorty, Florida State Rep. Dennis Baxley, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Minnesota State Rep. Tony Cornish, Oregon State Rep. Dennis Richardson, Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett.  

What do all these names have in common?
  a) They are all Republicans b)They are part of the American Taliban c)They want more guns in schools.  If it was up to them they would want everyone to have guns.  I don't understand this philosophy like more guns will solve the problem IT'S NOT THE FUCKING WILD WEST ASSHOLES!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong I understand the people kill people and kids, some mentally ill other not.  But a gun is a tool and end to the means, do we really need high capacity clips, Armour piercing bullets, or military style weapons.  Give me a reason as to why we need them, because in the end you don't really have an answer.  Hunting is not a reason to have these types of weapons.

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