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Polis means "city" in Greek.  "Centro" refers to a downtown area.  In this prototype social activist "movement," the members would be called "Poliscentristas."  And it all refers to a prototype of a highly-organized and strategic resistance movement against corporate-led oppression, which is in the process of consolidating power in the United States (and much of Europe).

So my fellow POLISCENTRISTAS, here's what we are going to do: We are going to form a highly-organized, disciplined, focused, and long-lasting organization made up of people who understand the importance of a strategic, tactical, and visionary approach to taking on the scourge of corporatist domination over our society.

The only requirements to be a member is that you have already awakened to the reality that in the United States of America today what we have is a corrupt system that results from the wholesale corruption of our entire government (including both major political parties), after being bought off by corporatist special interests; that the system is becoming increasingly oppressive against the citizens; that there is a rapidly ascending total-information-awareness surveillance police state, and that you understand that the overall effect resulting from the corporate media ownership conglomeration is manipulative propaganda.

If you come to those conclusions, then you have what it takes to be a member... Welcome!

We're going to set up hubs, or cells in multiple cities across the U.S. with the objective of eventually having a presence in all 50 states, trying to replicate the approach of the corporatist-fascist organization, ALEC (PDF)--but we'll be the good guys.

For each cell, we're going to identify a leader.  This person should be highly intelligent, versed in history, philosophy, business.  She or he should be passionate about the importance of doing something now, in this very grave and dangerous moment in our history, in order to help ensure a better future for the next generation.

The motives of this person should be completely altruistic, with no desire to gain fame, wealth, or special favors as the result of their involvement in this worthy cause.  Regardless of whether this person is a person of faith, or not, deep down inside she or he must feel a true calling, a burning desire to do something meaningful about the clear and present danger we face in the country today.

The mission of all POLISCENTRISTAS will be to terminate and severe the democracy-killing influence peddling scourge that has totally corrupted and infected our system of government.

The approach will be very straight forward: The first step will be to identify each politician in every state house (all 50 states), one by one, and compile a very detailed profile that focuses on campaign contributions, access by corporate lobbyists, and special favors, including job offers by interested corporatists entities, and family and personal relationships that may have the appearance of improperly benefiting from their positions as public servants.

POLISCENTRISTAS will only focus on this; not on any other issue or cause.  They will do so as the result of having reached the understanding that all other social and economic and environmental ills resulting from the collusion between corrupt politicians and their corporate paymasters have their genesis in the pay-to-play system that has totally taken over the government (at every level).

Once the profile of each politician is assembled, each cell, with their leader, will come up with very specific strategies to remove the corrupt politicians and replace them with honest (i.e., progressive) public servants.

The first task, once it is determined that a politician is on the take, is to expose him/her.  This will be done through the media, social networks, letter-writing campaigns, freedom of information act requests.

The reason for exposing the actual details of the pay-to-play arrangements, and special benefits, etc., is to shame them, and to weaken them in the eyes of the public.

These exposure campaigns must be relentless, very methodical, and highly organized, and disciplined, with clear metrics for success.

An important task the POLISCENTRISTAS will also engage in will be in identifying and recruiting decent, law-abiding, hard-working, responsible citizens with a true understanding of what it is to be a public servant, to run for public office.

Another important task for the cell leaders will be to come up with strategies to destroy corrupt fiefdoms in their cities and states.  For example, in San Francisco, what is the relationship between certain construction companies and City Hall, or the Chamber of Commerce, or certain local power brokers, or institutions like the Academy of Arts?  Are there improprieties or the appearance of improprieties?  Again, information and knowledge is king, so much of the work by the POLISCENTRISTAS cells will be to gather intelligence, and expose malfeasance.

Also very important, this work needs to be very "brainy," very focused, and strategic, connecting all the dots.  So POLISCENTRISTAS will not act until they have "all the ducks in a row."  But once everything is in place, all the relevant information has been collected, all the sources have been checked and verified, action will be taken with brutal and ruthless efficiency.

POLISCENTRISTAS, if they do a good job and stick to their primary (highly focused) mission, may become an "intelligence" and "strategic leadership" hub in their communities, and this in turn could help bring about the collaboration with multiple other activist groups that are doing great work taking on the Oligarchy.

If this were to happen, then you'll have a highly effective multifaceted and multipronged approach where you are able to exert multiple pressure points against the corrupt system, which could include press releases, newspaper and TV and radio ads, lawsuits, freedom of information act requests, as well as street-level protests (coordinated with Occupy Wall Street activists).  You could collaborate with organizations like ActBlue, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Color of Change, ProgressiveCongress, and many others.

Finally, as the cells are established around the country, there would be an effort to keep the entire POLISCENTRO network connected so information can be shared, including ideas that work, patterns (like the fascist cookie-cutter laws being pushed by the criminal corporate cartel, ALEC).  There would be regular meetings, conference calls to coordinate local, regional, and national action.

P.S. I've done a lot of research about the different social justice activist organizations in the U.S. and although I notice that there is a very large number of organizations doing great work, I'm surprised I haven't been able to find one with this type of highly focused, disciplined and strategic approach.  This diary is an attempt at a prototype of the type of organization I would like to see... Your input or ideas are welcome.

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