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David Brooks, The Next Four Years.

President Obama intends to “invite a series of confrontations with Republicans over things like the debt ceiling — make them look like wackos willing to endanger the entire global economy.”
Please, David, Stop!  You're killing me.  I was giggling uncontrollably with the line about Obama "inviting confrontations" with the GOP about the debt ceiling.  But I was hopelessly ROTFLMFAO when I read that Obama's plan is to "make the GOP look like wackos willing to endanger the entire global economy."

David, this material is golden.  Did you write it or hire the Letterman writers?  You wrote it yourself?  Then, Please, please, quit that Times job and do that HBO Comedy Special.  Go on Colbert, Stewart, Marc Maron's WTF.

I know you're teaching a course on humility at Yale.  But the one thing you are humble about is your comic genius.

Picking myself up from the floor where I finally stopped LMFAO, but still gasping for breath, I bravely read on:

The president should propose no new measures that might unite Republicans, the way health care did in the first term. Instead, he should raise a series of wedge issues [like guns and immigration] meant to divide Southerners from Midwesterners, the Tea Party/Talk Radio base from the less ideological corporate and managerial class.
OK. Not quite as hilarious, but still great material.  I see what you're doing here, David -- trying out a little cerbral George Carlin-esque stuff; maybe a hint of Robert Klein.  You gotta think for a minute -- then you get it.  Obama should unite Republicans?  Obama shouldn't divide them? Obama doesn't really care about stopping murder and resolving knotty issues -- He's just pushing them to divide Republicans!

More great stuff.

I'm telling you, David, Louis CK has to watch his ass.

Other Brooks take-downs by Ed Kilgore Spurning David Brooks' Anguished Cries for Help and Jon Chait: David Brooks Now Totally Pathological.

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