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Thank you for reading the diary. We at Courtesy Kos welcome questions and messages. If you want to reach our group, you can do so by sending the group a message. If you would like to join, please toss me or any one of our admins a private message. If you want to see the diaries from Courtesy Kos in your stream, click this link to follow the group.

So, Kos has spoken about the moderation issue. As he reiterates in his diary currently on the rec list, his style of moderation ain't pretty. Its a bloodbath. We all remember the purges of the past year or two after MB left Community Moderation for good. Kos doesn't suffer meta drama, and the end result will be a purge.

But friends there is a better way! Instead of getting caught up in the meta and risk subjecting your UID to smiting, there is the "Talk Me Down" service, provided by our group Courtesy Kos. We are a group that has completely disavowed the pie fights of the day, and are concerned about the state of dialogue at kos. We have spent countless hours (and hundreds of group messages, heh) discussing various aspects of courtesy and how to improve and advance the state of discourse at dailykos.

Our new service, "Talk Me Down" is a service to any and all kossacks looking for ways to keep their comments/diaries civil. We have found with members of our own group that when someone has a safe space to discuss meta issues without being in a public space such as dailykos proper, it tends to cut way down on the urge to post a comment that furthers the pie fights.

So how does one access this awesomely amazing service? Well, I'll tell ya how! First, if you find yourself backed into a meta corner with no one to turn to, or if you are curious if your draft will lead to a pie fight, or if you simply want to blow off some steam and vent, we are here for you. All you need to do is:

Step 1) Click this link to post a message to the Courtesy Kos inbox.

Step 2) Please be sure to include in your message the nature of your meta problem.

Step 3) Please also be sure to include all pertinent links so we may assess the situation with our own eyes

Step 4) We discuss positive, constructive ways you could go about addressing said meta issue.

Many of the active users at Courtesy Kos are long time members at dailykos and have been through many of these pie fight ourselves. All of our members have disavowed any "side" or "clique" to offer advice without bias. We have also committed to being non-judgmental, positive and upbeat in our tone so that you feel more comfortable bringing your issues to us. No issue is too small or convoluted. Please, before you hit that post button, keep us in mind!

Hey, its a whole helluva lot better than bojo :)

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