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Wednesday! And back on schedule!

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There was a diary yesterday that talked about giving up your social network passwords to your boss: mariesamuels' diary Dare I use the "U" word? The NLRB says it will protect you.

Other than the blatant illegality of that (all social networks have a TOS that forbids sharing your password), there are deeper repercussions that no one seems to be addressing.

If your boss has the password to your social network accounts, what prevents your boss from posting on your networks as you?

Aside from the hilarity that would ensue, dig deeper.

What if your boss, posing as you on your social network, posts untrue, ranty, or otherwise negative, mean, or nasty things about your company, your co-workers, your boss?

What will that do to your job?  Assuming you get to keep your job, that is?

How do you prove you didn't approve of what was posted on your account?  After all, you gave your boss permission to use your account by giving your boss you password. Anything then posted on your account was done with your approval and permission. No matter that you personally would never say that.

What if your boss gave your password to someone else in the company, someone who had it in for you, and they used that password to make sure you lost your job?

How do you prove you didn't allow your boss to share your password?

What if your boss wants to fire you (to hire his best bud, for instance), and you've given him no cause?  What's preventing him from using your password to make sure you get fired?

You can't prove your boss posted those words or pictures. You can't prove you didn't approve of your boss using your account.

You gave your password up.

If an interviewer or boss asks for your password, the best response is, "Good one!  I can't give you my password. I hope I passed your network security test."

And if they pressure you further, you have a decision to make.  

Mine's simple.

No job is worth that degree of invasion of privacy just to get a job.  They don't own me, just a segment of my time and skills.  Either they trust me, or they don't hire me.

My employers don't get to own my friends, my family, my social network. Ever.  If I choose not to tell them about my children, spouse, cousin, former spouse(s), parents, grandparents, BFFs, then they don't get to know about them.  Ever.  And if I choose not to share with my employers what I do in my off-work hours, then they'll never get to know what I do at home, on vacation, on the weekends or my days off.  Ever.

The are paying me to do a job.  I do it.  I do it rather well, actually.  But I only work for them while I'm on the clock. Once I clock out, I am on my own, to do as I will, and they don't own me after hours.  They don't get to tell me I can't have a glass of wine with dinner, or drink beer with my buds at the game, or eat fried foods, or volunteer for an organization they disapprove of, or how I vote.

Nobody gets my passwords.  Ever.

If I die, my heirs will get a list of all the sites where I log in, and the information on how to submit a death certificate to them so they can delete those accounts.  I love my heirs, but not even they get access to my passwords and accounts, only to the sites who will then shut down and delete my sites.

No one gets my passwords.

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