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Some reality about the scam being tossed around within Red chambers of power in Blue states regarding the apportionment of Electoral Votes by congressional district rather than winner take all by popular vote.   It's a con and I have no doubt somewhere in the Constitution you could find a reason it's Un...  But we all know that.   It also is a terrible idea that can only help Dems.

Any politician who has to face a state-wide election in the foreseeable future can't touch this.   One of the perks of being the out party Presidentially, is that you get kind of a built in mid-term election advantage.  Your base is rankled, probably mad enough to spit nickles if people still did that.   That's how you get 2006s, you remember how pissed you were at Bush and his mob of dastardly bastards.   That's also how you get 2010s, you remember how lazy you were because Dems controlled all the levers of power but Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman had kept you from getting a rainbow pony.

"I don't like breaking up states," Cuccinelli told me after a panel discussion at the National Review Institute's post-election summit. "I think winner-take-all is part of how a state matters as a sovereign entity. You know, our side would have gotten more votes this go-round, but I want people to have to fight to win the whole state. It makes the state, as a state, matter more. If it's one more thing that whittles down the role of states independently of the people who live in them, and we need to build them up, not to Balkanize America, but because it's the states that created the federal government. Not the other way around."


"I don't like breaking up states,"...  Cuccinelli

That says a lot.   I was momentarily impressed by what The Cooch had to say, then I read further.   Too bad he is an idiot.    He stepped all over his accidental brilliance with his mumbling attempt at logic.   Let's look a little closer.

"I don't like breaking up states,"

Think about that for a second.   States that don't work break up.   Ask your kids about Yugoslavia or the USSR.   When a Macedonian or an Uzbek realizes that they don't have as much say (or any) in the management of their state, they would naturally get upset.   Generationally or overnight the result is the same, unequal partners part ways sooner or later.

So if I were a suburban soccer dad in Arlington or wherever and I know that my state legislature has stacked the deck so that my vote is 3/5th the vote of some moonshiner in Lynchburg I wouldn't feel a part of Virginia.   Considering the ratio of lawyers per square mile we might see North Virginia as our 51st state were such a unimaginable, and probably unconstitutional doctrine passed.   Can't happen you say?   Look to your left on the map dude, Where do you think West Virginia came from?

Living in a gerrymandered red district a mile outside of deep blue Pittsburgh I understand the feeling that I am not represented in Congress... I can only imagine my outrage if Pennsylvania, which went by a 5% margin for Obama, sent 13 EVs to Romney vs. 5 for Obama.   I would be ready to succeed... from Pennsylvania.

It'll never happen.   Tom Corbett, Rick Snyder and Rick Scott have brutal elections coming up.   Heck, even a fire-breather like Cuccinelli can smell the electoral funk coming off this idea.   Hell, what idiot, charged with winning state or national elections would consider, condon or comprehend such a disastrous strategy?

"I think it's something that a lot of states that have been consistently blue that are fully controlled red ought to be looking at," Priebus said of the plan to change how electoral votes are granted.
Such a system "gives more local control" to the states, he argued.


WAY TO GO PRIEBUS!   We might be able to gin up our base with this in '14 afterall.   Keep up the good work and GOOOOO TEAM STUPID!!!!!


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