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Well Well Well....I overlooked the really really bad singing and out of time and out of tune music.  I liked the children's program.  I loved the fact that our little girl has friends from school and a former music teacher attending.  She loves and always has loved church and I never want her to get away from that but .......................

I wrote a diary about how I warned the preacher, not that I am all that important but we ARE Christians, and I mean the B attitude kind out of the bible, that if he EVER preached politics from the pulpit that was it.  I did not believe that way and we would be found elsewhere.   That is getting to be a test of one's faith here lately.  Things have been a bit strange since Barack Hussein Obama was elected with all the churches it seems.  They are getting an seems all of them are.  I may be wrong but I am not that hard to please.  I just want worship and no opinions.  

The AA church we attended got on a gay bashing deal and only had services once a month and and no childrens program so we found a nice little church close to home that actually believed in worship and not talk about politics.   They had a puppet program and were very NON judgemental.  That was before the second win of this president.   I knew the leaders were from Michigan, and pro union, and actually pro healthcare or at least parts but I never witnessed anything like I did today and it pissed me off to no end.   It was worse than flat out saying Don't vote anything but republican..nope... the guy is smarter than that.  It was worse.   It was enough of a bombshell and propoganda to make anyone believe the gubment is bad unless they were KNOWING the truth on religion and politics as I do.  Religion from being brought up in church as a preachers kid and grandkid and niece, and my own research. Politics from here and other  democratic thinking sites and paid attention to CSpan for years,  to know what is really happening.   I am an activist and advocate.. I have to know the truth and not some really good talking points but this was worse ...follow me below the

I don't know what set this guy off but we have seen some pretty big changes in the agenda at the little church in the wildwood.   He ain't no preacher.  IMO...
Let's talk about the Deacon first.
 The first thing we noticed was the ever present gun always laid out at one of the musican's (deacon's) home.   I made mention of it to  my husband  when he went  there to teach the guy some chords.   My husband didn't much care for that glock always being wherever the good christian was,  but figured the guy was just living in constant fear.   I questioned the guy's faith in my head since he depended on a gun instead of God for protection but that was not my place so I never said anything except to my husband who agreed with me.   He, right before the election pointed out his new flag and flagpole to me and I asked did he take it down at night?  He said no.
Well.. we  know that is not correct flag prtotcol.  So I said, " Well, if I had a flag I would take the time to put it up and take it down daily.  I also said that a spotlight would work on the top and   I probably should not have told him that the flag was hung incorrectly as well.  The stars were backwards.   He got all that straight.  Eventually.. including the spotlight.  Imagaine a stupid unpatriotic liberal  knowing all that flag stuff?  

Well, my husband has quit going over there, nothing personal but with all the gun talk and they know our politics so no need to borrow trouble. the flag thing was not to offend but inform.

Today....a Gideon was visiting.  He was OK.   He actually corrected the pastor right off the bat.  I noticed the deacon was shaking hands at the door and all young people with the exception of the small ones have disappeared from the congregation.  The very first thing the preacher did was say we had a visiting Gideon .  He then asked, " Remember when the Gideons passed out bibles at your school..Well those days are gone".  I sat there and thought.. NO I do not remember any such days.  The Gideon gets up and corrects the man because his first story was about going to a high school and was allowed to give the bibles away from school.  What school I do not know.   I found that odd.  That was mild.  The next thing that happened after he sat down was a sheer lecture on the evils of voting for people who CLAIM they are christian that allow Roe V Wade without kicking up a fuss.  I crossed my legs and in full fury mode but not walking.  Someone had to shake their head in the crowd.   He then stated that no christian should be voting for anyone official who encouraged homosexuality.   The next thing I see is a step up to the pulpit to throw in the face of the people a headline.  A headline from our local paper and this is the part that is worse than the other.  The other was in your face talking points from right winged agendas but this Headline was fearmongering and not explained and encouraged hate IMO.  The headline was not explained and led the people to believe that Democrats, liberal media, and liberal bias had done this.   The headline read

The man stated loudly, Let them die....You saw it.  You saw it for your self.   This is not coming from the radio.  This is your local paper where we have now turned to such Godlessness that the  bean counters want all obese and smokers to die rather than be treated.   Wait a second. DEATH PANELS...  Wait a second here buddy I am thinking, madder than Hell.  He is trying to lay this on the dems and Obamacare rather than the insurance companies and think tanks and special interest where it belongs because I know he isn't quoting Alan Grayson who said that of republicans.  
i want to walk...but I can't.  I want to see just where this is going to finaly go and if he dares has the guts to look me in the eye as I am shaking my head no.  I do a quick look around and see older people terrified now.  They are in disbelief.   Trust me , it is all I could do to keep from jumping up and saying.. YOU LIE.  But I was in HIS church and this was an armed bunch.  I am quite sure of that now.  Now this man is neither obese or a smoker so what was happening?  Why was he delibertaely misleading?  He was not like this several months ago.   He then goes on to say, We used to have prayer in school but now since we threw God out we have armed guards.  I am in shock.   I think. You idiot..Scott put him back in, didn't you see where the satanists Rallied behind him for Freedom of Religion in school.   But I am fuming.   He then tells the people to memorize their scriptures as soon all Christians would be persecuted.  I thought ,,,Shit the real one are being persecuted every time they show up for the Lord on Sunday morning by the church ( excuse me Lord for cussing).

The article he was referring to was written by the AP about how the Hastings think Tank had quibbled over not treating people and discussed not treating patients who were obese or smokers.   This of course had nothing to do with The Affordable Health Care Act and I went straight to the local store to read that article.   The entire article..not the headline.  The discussion hit all the papers and was presented as a discussion that would never happen under the Affordable Health Care and  was presented by a non partisan 501 C 3.   NBC then picked up the story and reported it.

He then ends up with I believe in Healthcare for all but not for people in power to decide who lives and dies. ?  No  !   My head was in constant NO motion.  He saw.  Everyone saw but I couldn't just sit there since my tongue was all but bleeding to keep from taking to the floor.  He then concludes we are to pray for our leaders and after locking with my disapproving eyes, said, " We can't blame the President, or even the senate.  I thought.. what about congress?  My mind was in full gear.  I had not heard too much about Jesus on this trip to church but I sure heard plenty of Fox.  

Finally, church is over.  If that is what you want to call it.   He calls for people to come up and pray for the government and leaders and the pianist is playing the National Anthem.   I grab my kid and walk to the door and he is as unfriendly as if he had just met the enemy on his turf.   I said, " That was some sermon".   No smiles from either of us.. just plain stares... Not the thing one expects from a Sunday morning service.    He mentions he has a cold.   I said, " I'll pray for ya"  I am sooooooooooooo disappointed to have to tell Sierra, we can't attend this place.   I also am heading to get a paper.
I could have stood up and called the man out but like I said, " I felt like I was General Sherman in the middle of a confederacy battle brewing."   The man had to backtrack on What part of thou shall not kill did Christians not get.. and I wanted him to answer a, Right back atcha dude with the all these wars and capital punishments and gun totin lovers.   It was hard.  Then I get home and find out another problem.  Seems the churches and wingers and pro gunners are quoting a big dog who has won the Nobel Peace Prize about only putting in commanders who will fire on American citizens.  WHAT THE HELL !!!!!  This is nothing new.. The part of I promise to defend the Constitution from all enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC?  We don't have domestic enemies who are foreign...We have always had commanders who would kill people who try to overthrow the government because guess what.. they are no longer protected as citizens but enemies of the state.   The military has shot traitors.   Private Slovik comes to mind.   They have had firing squads...  The American military has killed American citizens or so called citizens forever.  What about law enforcement?  They shoot....What is this NEW attack of the right....All of that tied into the behavior of the gun lobby and the dem platform.   I am so angry !!!

They have taken a new turn and it has made me sick to my stomach.  That man who is over that church has a masters in physics, and is an electrical engineer.  He is not stupid.  I guess he is just nuts.  I diaried how fair minded he was UP until this election and these shootings.   I will tell him why I won't be back.  I kept waiting for enough to be said regarding the 501 C status but he left so much up to the poor ignorant people that he was in a grey area and covered himself by calling out legislators..never identifying but we know how much Republicans love Womens Health Care, Civil rights and truth so he could not possibly have meant them,  AAAAAAArgh.

Here is the article of both controversial matter spilling out to the haters and fearmongers.

LEt them die

More fearmongering

Originally posted to Vetwife on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 09:32 PM PST.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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