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but my spouse would be simply grateful for prayerful concern.

Leaves on the current has been having back problems for quite some time.  Finally her doctor, in preparation to putting her on a pain treatment program, ordered an MRI of her back.  We arrived at Arlington Hospital at 6:10 this evening.   We are still here.

The radiologist saw something, then did a contrast, then called her doctor.  There is a large mass on her spine, some other spots, and the mass is causing a serious narrowing of her spinal canal.

She was walked over to the Emergency Department, where we have been since about 7:25, or 3.5 hour ago.  

I will continue below the squiggle

the mass is almost certainly metastatic cancer, but from what source they are not yet sure.   She had had blood taken, been given steroids, had a chest x-ray, and is now waiting for an extensive CT scan.   It is probably she will go from that directly to being admitted, but we do not yet know that.

She is somewhat scared, but also trying to remain calm.

Her birthday is Tuesday.

The hospital is only two blocks from our home, but I will be here most of the time.

Understand if I am not all the visible around these parts.

I will try to keep the community informed.

Leaves on the current is my only priority, except for going home to feed the cats and shovel their poop.  My school already knows that I do not yet know when I will be back.

I ask you to hold her in the light.

She would ask for your prayers.

I hope that I can be her strength and support.


And thanks in advance.

8:46 PM PT: have had the CT scan.  Now in a hospital room.  She has been told nothing by mouth after midnight, which implies surgery tomorrow, but as of yet she has not been informed.  I have a sofa in her room so I can spend the night here and get some rest.  Thanks to everyone for their support.

10:25 PM PT: she is now asleep.  I have been home, showered and changed clothes and cared for the cats.  I will doze on the sofa in her room.  We thank all for your care and concern.  We still do not know the results of the CT scan, but we will go forward one step at a time.

Mon Jan 28, 2013 at 5:20 AM PT: a brief visit from neurogsurgeon this morning.  No surgery today.  They want to stabilize her spine.  They will do biopsy at some point today and they want to try to determine origination before they begin treatment.  So we are still in waiting mode.  Surgery not before Wednesday as things currently look, so we will be spending her birthday tomorrow in this hospital room.

Mon Jan 28, 2013 at 8:01 AM PT: well, they could find nothing on CT scan.  It is possible a small lesion might not show.  So next step will be a biopsy. as of yet do not have a time for that. She has been seen by radiologist, ER doctor, Neurosurgeon, and Oncologist.  Imagine what we would be facing were she not well insured as a federal employee

Originally posted to teacherken on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 08:06 PM PST.

Also republished by Positive Intention and Lovingkindness and Street Prophets .

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