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So, my last diary didn't go so well. Yea, might have been a little hardcore and my responses might have been worse. I will try better this time. I even acknowledged the warning, lol. But what does a warning like that mean to a guy like me? Kinda like how NWA responded when the FBI sent them a warning letter over the Straight Outta Compton album. Well, I wont respond like that. I do respect this community and the fact there's a lot of varied opinions. If I wanted everything to be the same I would be a Republican. I am sorry if I offended anyone. Not from my language but how insensitive I was to people who might have been a victim of my thoughtlessness. You might ask me why I'm not sorry for the rest of my life. Well, I could be. But that's no way to learn. You do dumb stuff, you learn from it. I still believe in the core message that guns are useless and prove nothing. But I'll try better this time.

When I was 19 I did the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life. Kill someone? No, I never killed anyone. Threaten, maybe. Deal out a few ass kicking, yeah, quite a few of those. Get my ass kicked, yeah, far more then I kicked ass. Kill, no. Dead people don't learn lessons and they don't pay. (Which is also why I'm against the Death Penalty.) I did a teenage dumb thing. This is going be a long post. Bear with me again... Also, this story is 100% true. Just the Dialogue is paraphrased cuz I don't remember what was said exactly 20 years or so ago. It is accurate though.

Background: I'm 19 at the time. I recently got kicked out of college for being in a bar and starting the bar fight. Sure, they happen all the time but I was on basketball scholarship and the University found out. The bar fight isn't important. So I wont bother say if I or someone else started it over some girl. They happen a lot. No guns were pulled which is all that matters. Being under 21 ended this first college adventure. Not important. I eventually did graduate college with a degree in Computer Science.

So, I'm back in LA starting my quest to be a LA street baller legend, which I eventually became. And if you're wondering how I learned to talk this much shit, now you know. Part of the game. So, I'm at another park and I see a friend that I haven't seen since High School. We'll call him Crazy E. At this time I'm out of gangs which is another story, but the gang never left me. Crazy E was never in a gang, he was too crazy. I personally saw him get in 5 fights in school and he won them all. Even the gangs didn't want him. Can you believe that? Underneath he was a good guy though. He just never took shit from anyone. Nowadays E is a business owner and has a family. Funny how that works eh? Anyways, he knows I'm the Bastketball God from school and he asks me to join his team. Of course we run the court all day long and he knows that the only way to stay on the court is to win. He says lets play again another day and we do for a few days. We talk, catch up, and he's like, I know this certain celebrity who has games on his house on weekends in the Hills of Sherman Oaks and he's sick of losing. He asked me if I know someone who will help him stay on his own court. I mean come on, you own an incredible home and you can only play half the time cause your being run off it? I'm like sure, I help this guy run the court. I like this family of comedians whose last name starts with a W. So I show up that weekend. Of course we run the court, everyone is happy. Me and E start kickin it more. I don't work at the time and he works for his dad cleaning carpets, which is how he met Mr celebrity,(he cleaned their carpets.) but he ditches to play ball. I'm selling weed for a living. Everyone knows me so I'm cool and it gets me in everywhere. All is well....

So E asks me after playing ball one Thursday. Can I be sure it was a Thursday? No, but I think it was because a movie was premiering that night at midnight, and that's how it used to work in like 1990 or 91. Boyz in the Hood. The most anticipated movie in the black community like ever.. But its sold out. I'm like don't worry. My homie Y is the manager at Universal Studios, he owes me one (wink) I'll get us in. So we show up. I page Y. (remember pagers?, lol.) I kick him down 40 bucks and he let's us in. Now first, this is one of the dumbest things I've done. Is it as dumb as the story? Of course not, this is pure background. And as surely not as dumb as posting on Daily Kos. So we walk in. First thing I notice is the back 4 rows are full of bloods in their best gear ever. Cleanest Red blaze. The first front rows are the cleanest Blue you have ever seen. But there's normal people in the middle and the theater is packed. So were like, there must be a truce. Lets watch the film. We get our seats. Previews roll. No problems. Not even some gangbanging idiots screaming out their set. Then the real movie starts. I can remember this as clear as day. Probably because it was the last thing I saw until the mayhem that followed. IceCube walks on the screen. Some big Crip woman stands up, pulls a gun out her purse,(btw they did frisk people before the film, apparently not the women.) And she was big, like 6 2 220 maybe? Screams "Rolling 60's Crip Cuz" and shoots 3 shots in the air. Everyone who was normal hits the floor of the theater. So anyone saying, "Hey I woulda stopped the Aurora shooter" is on crack. You have no clue what this was like. Time has no meaning. A few more gun shots ring out. And chaos. Thankfully, no one was shot inside. I couldn't see shit but I heard what probably happened. Other gangsters pulled out guns and shot in the air and filed out. The Crips went out the front door by the screen and the Bloods went out the door you walk into the place. The theater was right by the exit doors so every gang banger filed out fast. Us normal people were kissing the nastiness that was a theater floor after a day of movies. I'm lying in fucking popcorn, sodas and what ever other nastiness was on the floor at that time. Eventually, I look up and the theater is empty of gangbangers. I'm a curious guy so I walk out and go to the glass doors leading out to the street and parking lot. Fucking WW3. Shoes, jackets, blood, everywhere. The gangsters all ran to the multilevel parking lot and were letting loose. And I mean letting loose. AK47's, 9's, 22's, shotguns. Fucking WW3. How do i know the sounds? Well just like that Iraqi blogger Riverbend explained on her blog during the Iraq war that they would sleep on the roof of her house, because it was so hot, and she could tell the gun types. Anyone who has heard gunshots long enough can tell what they are and what kind. I drag some guy who was hit in the leg inside the theater. Crazy E drags a woman. Of course, innocent bystanders. They get medical help. War is going on for like 10 minutes maybe? I don't know time because when gunshots go off like that then time has no meaning. So were all back in the theater and some idiot who works there tells us they wont show the movie and we all have to go. Crazy E yells at the guy "Are you fucking retarded? They are killing people out there. Why don't you show the movie until they are gone or arrested? Sending us out is going to get us all killed!!!!" The guy realizes how stupid he was and they did play the film. Which I did like considering the drama. Ambulances did get the wounded. Which luckily as far as I know no one died and wasn't serious. The guy I dragged and the woman E got were minor probably ricochet flesh wounds. As far as I know, even after the WW3, no gangster died. Shot probably, but I'm guessing here but they all took them and drove off. Any gangster arrested at Universal Studios that night?, No. But they do now have a Sheriff station there because of that night.

So. Mi Vida Loca continues. The real story:

 I don't hang with Crazy E for a few weeks. Kinda pissed. Had to throw out my clothes from that night. I get over it. He calls me up to play at Mr celebrity comedians house again. BTW, MR celebrity W is cool as hell and brought us out Gatorade and all sorts of good stuff. If I ever see him again I have to thank him for his hospitality. Very generous of him to bring regular guys off the LA streets to play ball in his back yard. We have fun. It's Sunday. Afterwards, he's like. Lets go meet some girls and cruise Crenshaw. Just like the movie, everyone cruised Sunday nights on Crenshaw back when it was allowed. I don't know if it is anymore. Haven't been back since this episode. So, stupidly I say OK. Then E says, you make a lot of money, we can get more girls if you bring your expensive car. At the time, I couldn't argue with the logic. I'm like come over after you shower and get dressed, etc... I go get a crazy expensive car. A car that has 2 names and both start with R. Absolutely true. So he see's it and is like, "Were gonna get jacked." "I know you have guns." I'm like, yes I do, but why would we need them? Do you know how fast this car goes and it weighs like 5000 pounds. This is a tank. "He's like you got guns right?" Of course I do bro. So I bring out a 12 gauge shotgun. He puts it in the trunk with a box of ammo. As I said, fucking dumbest thing I've ever done in my life. We go out and cruise Crenshaw. We are meeting girls like crazy. But, we are attracting way too much attention. If you ever seen Crenshaw the cruising is slow, you cant escape. Cars everywhere. So some guys pass us and flash some guns. Probably pissed we talked to their girls. E is like pull over, Imma get the gun. We pull into a Taco Bell parking lot. He loads it and drops it in the back seat. The good people working Taco Bell at midnight on a Sunday call the Police. 5 or so minutes later 20 cop cars end the Crenshaw fun and pull us over in a Grocery store parking lot. They do their normal thing, put your hands out the window etc. Drag us out the car and start to beat us. A crowd gathers. A smart cop realizes how this looks. Beating up young black people in a nice car. You know, the shit that would eventually spark the LA riots. They quickly take us to Rampart jail, avoiding kicking off the LA riots 3 years early. They seperate us and start the interrogation.  I admit everything. Not from a beating. No that part was done. Torture and beatings are useless in law enforcement. I did it because I could afford a lawyer and Crazy E couldn't. Hell it was my gun even though E pulled it out and all that. I bought it legally (winks.) So the cops let Crazy E go and I go to LA County. Its a Sunday so I'm in court Monday. I plead innocent and get bailed out.

About 2 days later another ex gangster friend calls me up. He heard about the episode and knew as everyone knew that I didn't snitch. Funny how fast the word spreads eh? He's like, I need to do some business and I dont trust my gangster homies, will you back me up? He's like, I'll drive, you just hang with my homies while I'm in the house. I'm like whatever, I'll go. But no guns. Hes like, naw man, dont need them. Ok, Ill go. So we go down the the Rolling 20's Blood hood right by USC. He introduces me and they go in the house to do the deal. Now I'm outside with like 7 hard hard hard core bloods and they are looking at me like I'm meat. I almost thought it was a setup but I trust this guy. We were in the same gang and he understood why I left. Hell he was the one who pulled the guys off of me when I was jumped out. He taught me life. So I know he wanted back up cuz these guys probably woulda jacked him too. They probably would have. They were like, lets go get some 40's you drink? Haha, do I drink? Yes I do. But tell you what guys. We have 2 liquor boxes of 40s in the trunk for us. I opened the trunk and gave them the beer. My friend and I thought it was a good idea before the deal. Was a great plan. So now were all out drinking 40's on the corner. My life postponed and deal went down. Were out kickin it and a cop car pulls up slowly. Those super hard gangbangers were about to run. The cop says. Hey arent you KD? Why yes I am sir. He's like do you remember me? My eyes adjust and say, why yes I do. You were the cop who ended the situtation on Crenshaw, stopped the beating and calmed the crowd. He's like come here. Everyone was baffled but I walk over. Usually lights flash and everyone runs and they chase. Hes like, how did you get out so fast? Im like, bail. He was like, I thought you stole the car. Hehe, I didnt sir. Lets talk he says. At this point the gangsters are curious but of course they cant approach the car like I did. The cop who was driving, you could tell was pissed and nervous. But something different was happening here. So we start talking and he's like. I looked you up after you know, you were quite the basketball player. Still am sir. Hes like, I run a rec league and have a team, wanna join? Maybe? So we talked, all of us. Cops, gangsters. Like real people. One of the best conversations we all had in our lives up to that time. We both explained our sides. I eventually did join his team and he told local JR College coaches about me and got me back into regular ball. Eventually sent me to college. But I have a court date coming up.

My mother at this time worked in a law firm in Century City. She was a legal secretary. She says she has a lawyer she wants me to meet, but your paying for it. Ok, Mom. I fucked up, Ill pay for it. So we go meet Lawyer M.M. M.M. says 15 k and ill get you off scott free. I'm like Mom can you leave please? She leaves. 10k cash and you got a deal Mr Lawyer. Deal. I pulled out 10k in cash and paid him. I will bet that with that 10k he didn't claim that on his taxes even though he was a high powered lawyer who didn't fuck with petty street crimes. He did this for a favor for my mom whose as straight and narrow as you can possibly be.

So court date arrives. Mr Lawyer is like, be an hour early. My mom and I show up an hour early but he's nowhere to be seen. Other people are talking with their lawyers. I'm with my Mom. 5 minutes before the Bailiff opens the door, he arrives dressed to the T. Other lawyers look at him in awe. He's like, don't say a fucking word but Yes. Do not smile or look at the Prosecutor. Lets go. Bailiff opens the door and we walk right to the front behind the Defendants desk. Couple minutes later the Bailiff announces, "All rise for Judge so and so." Judge comes in and shuffles some papers. My lawyer walks right up and shakes the judges hand. They laugh and talk for maybe a minute or 2. Probably old School or Country Club buddies, I thought. The Prosecutor is getting pissed but I don't smile nor look at him. Prosecutor coughs, he's young probably fresh off passing the bar. They say their final somethings, he comes back to me. Judge shuffles some papers and calls my case first, of course. My lawyer walks right back to the Judge and they talk some more. Judge calls up the Prosecutor. You can kinda tell what was happening. My lawyer was owning the court and the Judge was helping him. New guy was pissed and was arguing in hushed tones. This was an open and shut case. He admitted everything, blah blah. More talking. Judge admonishing Mr new Lawyer. Deal was made but not one the City approved of. Tough shit. Judge was like, (M.M. told me after) I'm your judge for every case today. Do you want to piss me off during the first case? No judge, I do not. KD, will you plead guilty for a concealed weapon, misdemeanor, time served, 6 months postponed, 6 months counseling, 10 days community service. Oh and were destroying your 12 gauge and any other guns you have you can turn them in. I turn them all in a couple days later. NO charges for them. I was charged with multiple felonies. My lawyer looks at me. Yes sir I do. Sign the paperwork. Case closed. Never owned a gun since.

I spent a few hours in court that day signing crap and saw what real justice was like. NO ONE got off as easy as I did. They all got prison time. I learned a valuable lesson that day. Money rules justice. Don't think otherwise.

Again. This story is 100% true besides the dialogue which obviously I cannot remember by heart but had to paraphrase.


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  •  "Money rules justice" (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:


    Thanks for this snapshot into your youth.  Glad you made it out.

    When the solution is simple, God is answering. Albert Einstein

    by Carol in San Antonio on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 04:48:03 AM PST

  •  Interesting story, but ... (0+ / 0-)

    I hope you are not a reincarnation of banned DKer "changethebe" whose story is a lot like yours.

  •  However, we do not have a justice system merely (0+ / 0-)

    a legal system.  If you don't believe me, just ask Scalia who says (paraphrased) "justice has no place in our legal system, nor should it".

    You have watched Faux News, now lose 2d10 SAN.

    by Throw The Bums Out on Tue Jan 29, 2013 at 08:46:18 AM PST

  •  "Connected" lawyers play both sides of the court (0+ / 0-)

    Thanks for the chuckles!  But seriously, lest you equate hiring "connected" lawyers with what it takes to get justice in an unjust world, let me tell you about the downside of my ethically-challenged, fellow members of the bar.  Since you relate to sports, I'll use a boxing analogy:  Lawyers with juice have been known to take a fall on clients after relieving them of much cash.  

    I've encountered multiple people who complained about being forced into a plea deal or abandoned because an attorney SUDDENLY realized that he has a conflict of interest or lacks the necessary expertise -- all after racking up and collecting on $75,000 in billable hours and sometimes more than twice that amount.  

    Sure, in some of these scenarios, a lawyer may have been intimidated off a case.  Others most likely waited for cues to hit the mat.  

    Zena D. Crenshaw-Logal, Executive Director - The Law Project -

    by The Law Project on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 05:22:18 PM PST

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