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Leaves on the Current had her biopsy earlier this afternoon.  First they did a CT scan on the area to be precise, then took the sample.  She is still pretty groggy and sleepy and is largely resting, although she did ask that I go out and get her an Elevation Burger Coffee Shake to celebrate her birthday and getting through the biopsy.

Normal processing time is 3-5 business days.  We will not hear anything today, and perhaps not tomorrow either, although of course we hope to know as soon as possible.

In the meantime she continues on a course of steroid which prevents the pain and eases the pressure on her spinal column.  She will either later today or more likely tomorrow be fitted with a back brace to support her.  The real immediate threat has not been the possible metastasized cancer, but rather a very real risk of snapping her spinal column.

We do not know what is ahead.  We are taking that one step at a time.  In the meantime some friends have taken it upon themselves to send her flowers, so her room is colorful and fragrant, and we are running out room to place the vases.

We are so grateful for the love and support of so many.  We feel honored to be on the receiving end.


And Peace.

1:07 PM PT: Just found out they have ordered another MRI, this time of her entire thoracic spine -  I think just to be sure they have all the info and to verify the location and size of the mass on her back.

1:31 PM PT: and now being fitted with a back brace -  things move forward

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