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Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's million-dollar-a-year executive vice president who is the chief strategist behind the organization's aggressive political strategy.
NRA head honcho Wayne LaPierre, whose obstinance on gun regulations is worse than any petty hater.
Goal ThermometerA bunch of people hate liberals, edscan has delusions of grandeur, blah blah blah. You guys who come here for your weekly fix of hate know where to get the goods (below the fold).

But we can't do much about these haters except laugh at them, but we can do something about the assholes at the NRA standing in the way of sensible gun regulations. So if you are angry at the state of our gun laws and want to do something about it, deny the GOP's the 1/435th of a vote they're expecting in the IL-02 special election. We have a great candidate in Robin Kelly. Let's send a message that the NRA badge of approval is no longer a winner outside of rural districts.

Everyone who wants to see the NRA go down should chip in at least $3 to help make them radioactive.

who cares?

What's up dumbasses? It's really sad, embarrassing and just plain hilarious how you liberal assholes continue to be brainwashed by your worthless president. Can't you clowns form a coherent thought on your own or do you need your worthless presidents arm up your asses to act like the puppets you liberal assholes really are!?! Every American was hoping you assholes were in that school in CT? Maybe next time? America can hope. Keep up the good work assholes....

America isn't who you think America is. It voted for that "worthless" president, after all.
Perversion is dangerous

Mr. moulitsas you are a first-rank promotor of homosexuality and other deviant behivior. I think this is because you do not undrsetand the danger of such pervert activity.

Male homosexusality is the cause of AIDS and drug use.It has also been proven that most pedophiles are male homosexuals. this measn that completely outlawing male homsoexaulity would gretly reduce crime or even completely eliminate it. Violence isalso mostly caused by male homosexuals, note that Hitler was an homosexual.

Female homosexauls are a different matter baecause they are not violent or cirminal, or use drugs like male homosecuals. They are more dangerous thou because they reduce the number of avaialable women. And less women means that less children be born every year. And when no kids are born this country will become mexico (yes, the one with the drug cartells). Outlawing female hoosexuality is necesary to keep our country alive.

As you cans ee I am not saying we that anyone should be executed just that that homosexuality should be illegal. This is reasonable and also constitutioinal since the constitution was writen by non-homosexuals. You should support thi agenda to protect children and our country.

Poor Eva Braun! Unless ... she was a hoosexual too!
Me A Victim of a Near Death crime in the 1980's

I was a victim of a very near fatal knife attack when I was in my early 20's and was asked not to testify or say anything against my attacker.

would you like to hear more about my near death experiance?

Um ... no thanks.
The Cause of Global Warming

The worst part about global warming is nobody is doing anything about it.

The cause is the destruction of the ozone layer.

The remedy is to replace the ozone as rapidly as possible.  We can do that.  We must do that.

We must start the program NOW.

NOW.    NOW.    !

The Kos has some responsibility for this.

Had I been able to tell my story, you would have stopped the people that were causing the huge

holes in the ozone layer.    It was NASA.

All of these wild storms and extreme weather are an indicator of things to come.

Don't ban thinking !

Tax-trough feeders
From: Dewayne Knox
To: Markos

Tax-trough feeders like school teachers (who produce nothing -- the kids are all illiterate) now outnumber the tax contributors so there's no way the country will work.

Too many takers and not enough givers can only go downhill and you can see it happening.

In California corporations leave and take their tax-payers with them.

California is finished and the teacher's unions are largely to blame

I've long noticed this right-wing fantasy California, where the state is crumbling and jobs are leaving and whatnot. I wrote about it here. I decided to engage.
From: Markos
To: Dewayne Knox

Name three California corporations that have left.

Heck, name one.

From: Dewayne Knox
To: Markos

I'm not helping someone like you with research -- I personally have persuaded three California corporations to leave and they for obvious reasons shall remain nameless.
Even many corporations not registered in Calif have taken most if not all their function out of state which essentially means the tax (paid by their workers) with them as well -- Verizon, half the entertainment industry find it to costly to work. There are many that have just outsourced and you know it  A friend of mine who is a simple insurance agent moved to Vegas and with all the fees and compliances now removed even he saves about 20K a year.
If it's not a problem why the shortfall and lay-offs -- despite the tax increases. I enjoy watching the state workers and teachers squirm -- they brought it on themselves. I'm retired but it's great to watch the lay-off show.  California's gone from the Golden State of Ronald Reagan to the banana republic of Jerry Brown.
I have a story of California stupidity so ludicrous it should be on 60 minutes but it's too long to waste time here. Enjoy the cuts prick.

From: Markos
To: Dewayne Knox

Ahh, so you don't know any major corporations. Just making shit up. Typical.

From: Dewayne Knox
To: Markos

I never said major -- stop making shit up.
California is being eroded from underneath -- no great announcements just small companies that are no longer here -- doesn't mean they're not somewhere else -- hellooooo.
I see you won't answer my question. If it's not happening why is there a budget deficit?
California has great agriculture, great ports, cheap labor, defense industry (what hasn't left), entertainment (what hasn't left) Silicon Valley (for now) sales tax, state tax (some states have neither -- but no budget deficit) and taxes on everything -- yet there's deficits.
Forty years of big spending democrats and parasitic unions have ruined the place -- and now with sponging state retirees expecting fat pensions there is no fix. I'm not a repub but at least they put some brakes on the spending but they never get the chance here and this the result -- aided and abetted by greaseballs like you. Pity those Turks didn't wipe you out -- but you seem to be doing it to yourselves over there.

From: Markos
To: Dewayne Knox

So no major corporation has left California, it still has more Fortune 500 companies than any other state, and far more diversified economy at that. It has a balanced budget (actually a surplus, link below) -- something the last Republican governor couldn't accomplish, and it's still the center of both the global entertainment and technology industries.

So your evidence that corporations are leaving California is your podunk insurance agent friend? Somehow, I think California will manage to survive that devastating blow, lol.

You know what allowed us to build budget surplus? A Democratic governor and Democratic super-majorities in the state legislature. No more rump fringe Republicans able to hold California back.

And best of all? America is following suite. Pretty awesome, huh?

From: Dewayne Knox
To: Markos

Hey Turkey's bitch,
Some co's are still registered here but they've removed their facilities so the tax payers have gone. I suppose all the layoffs are just my imagination and those still with a job are living on eggshells. Teachers with forty kids in the class instead of twenty as teaching staff gets reduced. I see the numbers -- oh and I don't bother with links -- you can get viruses you know.
I haven't gone into a lot of detail because some companies are working the angles and I'm not tipping you off. It's easy to get out of Calif tax if you know how and all the lame propositions can't stop the loss.
Governors have little to do with it idiot -- the dem house does the spending -- dems if left to themselves will bankrupt anything -- and you ain't seen nothing yet.
How's your greaseball Greek economy doing Lol

From: Markos
To: Dewayne Knox

You can get a virus from Reuters? Ha ha ha! But I get it. Fox News or bust, right?

But then again, you think California has a budget deficit when it has a surplus, so reality isn't your strong suit. Neither is providing evidence for your Fox-fueled fantasies.

From: Dewayne Knox
To: Markos

The list of business leaving Calif has no end in sight -- you're probably a tax-trough feeder but your views shoot yourself in the foot -- that trough you're feeding from is on shaky grounds.  Go and gloat about your surplus with those laid off -- not that I give a fuck for them either -- I've fed off state employees for years and now I'm showing companies how to leave this liberal mess.  Google on opening a corporation in Nevada and other places -- all those law firms don't advertise for nothing -- they make a profit year in year out because so many take that step. It's great. But put your Visigoth head in the sand -- ignore the inevitable .
And fuck Fox news -- the media is all the same
Go Turkey -- fuck those Visigoths hee hee

From: Markos
To: Dewayne Knox

So no actual examples, just some random insurance agent? So I looked it up. 254 businesses left California in 2011. That same year, 132,000 new businesses were started in the state -- by far the most of any state in the country, and second-most per capita (only Arizona had more startups, per capita).

Reality is a bitch, huh? Like when you thought California had a budget deficit, but thanks to Democratic super-majorities it now has a nearly $1 billion surplus?

From: Dewayne Knox
To: Markos

Ha ha I got Nick the Greek rattled.
132,000 hahaha  -- 3 still in business -- and they're wetbacks mowing lawns
No point in telling you -- you don't (or don't dare) read it.  You prefer fiction
I gave you a short list -- you can google a thousand for yourself. Companies might have an address here -- I do myself -- but the facility is elsewhere. But to you I'm a positive statistic hee hee
You haven't explained why they're laying off people in your prosperous Golden state -- teachers by the thousand -- God knows what the private sector's like -- almost non-existent.
Anyway I enjoy watching the 20% unemployment in inaction -- serves the fuckers right. I'd love to have you face to face with them -- they'd probably kill ya -- you know -- those who are no longer entitled to unemployment so for myth pushers like you they don't exist.
Keep crunching your figures -- all professional bulshitters do
Go Turkey -- kill those useless Ostrogoths

From: Markos
To: Dewayne Knox

Let me guess -- you're one of those people who "unskewed" polls late last year, because only the "professional bulshitters" (your spelling) believed the (poll) figures, right?

You'd think you wingers would learn their lessons and start trusting reality. And you know what is reality? California led the nation in job creation the last 12 months:

California has created almost 234,000 jobs, more than Texas and the next nine biggest states combined.

Sucks when reality smacks hard against your ideology, huh?

And that was that. I never did figure out what he had against the Ostrogoths.

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