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First allow me to say to the Bigots who think this is Mondoweiss and or related anti-Semitic hate sites like Stormfront, or You are right. This is. It is pretty fucking obvious that Jewish Posters who are not "Good Jews / Kapos" or don't toe the line on "Israel is Teh Suck" pretty much are not welcome here. It seems that Markos in his infinite wisdom has decided that "Fuck all, I want to be just like that rousing success of a website; Firedoglake".

Well ok.. you might say... vb1 is ranting here and frankly he can't back up his claims. I can understand that. BUT you would be wrong. For example, in this diary where I disagreed with the Presidents pick on Chuck Hagel, because I thought we could a lot better than picking a Conservative Republican for Sec. Def. when we should have picked a liberal or prog. Democrat... T.U. Wattlebreakfast HR'd me in conversation with him - a clear violation of the rules (see the bottom conversation of the diary). Of course mine and other Jewish users who complained were met with dead silence from the Admins. To this day Wattlebreakfast remains a T.U.

ALSO, we have a diarist Obamalover20122 who wrote a diary comparing Israel to the Nazi's (supposedly... that too is not allowed here) and HR'd someone in his own diary. Yet what has happened to him... Why nothing. Nothing at all.

YET, when I comment in a diary that clearly entertains anti-Semitic dogwhistles saying things like:

The reason for this disproportionate, obsessive focus on Israel with no regard for U.S. troops in Afghanistan? Simple: AIPAC and the "pro-Israel" lobby's ill-founded concern about the Hagel nomination coupled by the lobby's disproportionate influence on our representatives to echo that concern.
Where AIPAC actually has nothing to do with the Hagel nomination both by their own admission and from commentary by people close to them. AND then adds this standard dog whistle for anti-Semites of all ages:
But when the hawkish, "pro-Israel" lobby in America can influence our representatives to sound as if they – well – are representing Israel's citizens more than our own?

We have a problem. A problem that must be discussed openly and honestly

Where else do we see this "we have a problem about the "Pro-Israel" lobby that we must discuss"..  Well here is one place where many "questions about the "pro-Israel lobby" in America are raised. And notice the rhetoric that Duke uses - sounds pretty similar to what the The Useful Idiot (The Troubadour) uses.

And of course who can forget where STILL trusted users here straight up supported commentary that told everyone else, that the Government of the U.S. is controlled by the Ebilz Izrailees (Jews). WHAT you don't believe me... Why here is the comment:

Recommended by:Eiron, Terra Mystica, Celtic Merlin (two of the three still trusted users)

The US  is  becoming the sick man of the Pacific, scaffolded by the encumbrance of having recently been almost an economic empire (where else is China going to put its surplus cash ? is there any substitute for treasury bonds?), has a non-functioning government whose single aim seems to facilitate colonialism in Palestine and is so co-opeted  by the colonialist lobby like AIPAC that its members really have no function aside from funnelling goodies from these lobbies and avoiding its reprimand.

Well anyway, when the anti-Semites and other assorted bigots complain about me, the admins. are on it like lightning. I mean they can't have their Useful Idiot criticized when he in fact is playing to the anti-Semites like a good little boy. SO when the anti-Semites get nothing for their bigotry and hatred, but when someone uses fact based criticism of them, well I get NR'd. I mean, people that I and other Jewish posters complain about for outright rules violations and bigotry.. Get Nothing. No admins. The violators are free to go along their merry way with absolutely ZERO repercussions. But we get hammered.... and right away I might add.

Amazing how that works... isn't it?

It's pretty freakin' obvious that this is where you want to take the site Markos. And you know, it's your site so you can do whatever the fuck you want with it. But, you are losing some good people along the way. You are losing people that actually support reasonable and sane politics just so you can get clicks from a bunch of cranky LaRouchies, batshit insane Paulbots, and a smattering of unrepentant Naderites.

OH and for the record so that you and the shitballs that you are allowing to inherit the commentary of your site - I want to leave you with the politics that I espouse so there is a record of that. And so that folks can see that when you and the Useful Idiot and friends are sitting their chuckling about this rant let's be clear about the folks leaving your site.

I am a proud Democrat and co-founded the group "Jews for President Obama". Honestly, I think the guy is going a great job considering all of the obstacles he has to face. I am a tad disappointed in his willingness to deal with the Republicans who won't "play fair" no matter what, but, on the whole a President like him is far better than any alternative out there.

Along those lines I strongly support a rational Gun Control Policy based on the Israeli System of Gun Control. Here - this diary pretty much explains it all: I Shoot, I Support Gun Control

Also, I very much support Civil Rights for all Americans and I applaud the Administration for it's work in supporting Marriage Equality as well. I believe that as a society we have a responsibility to every member of that society to treat people with dignity and respect.

As for the Middle East and the bigotry that is happening here in the U.S. ... I support a just and fair Two State Solution along the lines of the 2007-08 Olmert plan. I reject the continued settlement policies of the Likud-Betainu government of Israel, and I reject calls from Israeli Rightists to Annex the West Bank. If you want to look at politicians I support in Israel, look at Avodah and HaTanuah

See, despite the hatred I see here towards Jews who don't willingly accept a collar, unlike others, I don't have to hate. The anti-Semitism and bigotry I see here is just symptomatic of what is happening on the Hard Left, particularly where it marries the Hard Right. Where Ron Paul meets Lyndon LaRouche and they all get to party with the Greens and Naderites.

I believe that the Islamophobic campaign of the Hard Right in the U.S. is just as insidious as the anti-Semitism that has found a home on the Hard Left. Both feed on hatred and distrust. I see many similarities between the two to be honest. They strike me as just being different sides of the same coin.

And I am not the only person who thinks along these lines that is or has decided to leave. There are many more of us reasonable, and progressive Democrats who really don't want to be associated with the shit-hole of CT and hatred that you are allowing to thrive here.

So why the epic flameout? Well I have spent four years here and written a number of diaries. Most have been reasonable commentary on what has been happening in the world with a focus on the Middle East and Democratic Politics. Lately I have been focusing on Gun Policy and how I believe that America needs a sane Gun Policy that allows for people to maintain their Second Amendment rights BUT stands firmly on the side of Public Safety.

So honestly I have put a bit of myself into the community and I am disappointed to see that the community is becoming home to a bunch of serious whacknuts, bigots, and irrelevant assholes.

So, Markos.. have fun with bigoted shitballs who you seem to want to party hearty with. Please allow the ignorant haters free run of your site and wipe away their over-dramatized tears of impotent rage at Teh Ebilz Zionists influence over our government (snark for those of you too stupid to figure it out). And of course don't let them "go numb" with sadness over some issue or another. We don't want the batshit insane Paulbots, LaRouchie's, or Naderites to lose a wink of sleep, now.. do we?

Oh and to you, Markos, elfing and especially the Shitball bigots... Go Fuck Yourselves. Really. Just go Fuck Yourselves. Racism and bigotry suck no matter which end of the political spectrum it comes from and you boys (and girls) wallow in that shit like the little piggies that you are.

To those who want to read my stuff thanks for four pretty good years and for being cool and smart people... You know where I am and the two sites I am posting at. Both are decent and don't tolerate the racist whackjob bullshit that this site has come to represent.

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