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You Republicans wonder why more women and minorities don't see the wisdom of supporting you.

You tell the working poor, families that work 2-4 jobs 60+ hours a week, who barely make it from paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford luxuries like a reliable car, health insurance, or the prospect of retirement, that their reliance on government assistance makes them lazy 'takers'.

... And you wonder why they do not donate to Republicans.

You create and sponsor legislation requiring ID for voting. You reduce access to voting machines in minority-dense areas, and send mailings telling minorities to vote on the wrong day, or that they may be arrested when they attempt to vote. All so you can improve your chances of winning.

... And you wonder why they don't vote for Republicans when they get to the polls.

You lace your rhetoric with racism and distrust of anyone not 'white' or 'male' enough to be valued or taken seriously.

... And you wonder why they detest Republicans.

You tell women that rape is 'God's Plan' and that women cannot be the ultimate authority on how their bodies are used.

... And you wonder why they do not find comfort with Republicans.

You tell young people who grew up here that they are 'illegal' and should be sent to another country they've never known rather than pursue their ambitions in the country they love.

... And you wonder why they don't trust Republicans.

You tell everyone that scientists are wrong and energy companies are right when it comes to the environment.

...And you wonder why they don't take Republicans seriously.

You show absolutely zero respect, in fact, outright irrational hatred of the first black man elected President of the US despite how obvious it is to everyone BUT you that he is legitimately working to improve the lives of all Americans.

...And you wonder why they despise Republicans.

You fight against every effort by this President to create jobs and opportunities for working people just to make him a 'One Term' President.

...And you wonder why they find Republicans repulsive.

There are so many more things you do and say that show them how much you despise, distrust, ridicule, and hate them. Every day you act the way you do, say the things you say, and then turn around and wonder what's so wrong with THEM that they won't support you.

What's wrong with them, you wonder?

It's the worst thing possible for you.

They KNOW you. So stop wondering.

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