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Tea Party rally, sign says "You ram it down our throats in 2010, we'll kick your ass in 2012"
The haters, during more optimistic times.
Today isn't a volume play. As far as I can tell, conservatives are tuning out as they realize that 1) America hates their guts, 2) America doesn't hate gay people anymore, 3) brown people are taking over the joint, 4) brown people hate conservatives even more than other Americans, and 5) it's more fun for them to hate on Karl Rove.

We're seeing this tuning out not just in my hate mail, but also in Fox News' ratings, in Clear Channel's troubles, in the GOP establishment's weekly proclamations of "reinvention", only to go back to the status quo.

Just think if you were a conservative (and oxymoron, I know), you would have suffered the devastating blow of hating Romney, then pretending to love Romney, to thinking Romney was an easy victor, to losing the White House to the Kenyan Socialist Muslim, to losing seats in the Senate including darlings Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock, to seeing the popularity of the Tea Party movement crater, to watching House Republicans cave on the debt ceiling, to now watching Republicans talk about legalizing nasty brown people!

Is it any wonder they're tuning out? So today's big question is whether the limited goods below the fold make up in quality, what they lack in quantity.

DailyShit, communist

Dear Pile Of Loose Stools, aka Markopf Mouliturd, fucker, you are a traitor and a communist ASSHOLE please GET HIT BY A BUS!!!

Your diarrea-colored websiet is full of america-hate and islamist propaganda and your site reads like PRAVDA only written in SHIT! your "writers" are insane commies who take giant shits in their own hands and then throw that shit on paper and then you publish that SHIT!!!

the ONLY thing Iwant to read on DailyShit is how large your ANUS is now that Obama has been ASSFUCKING you for five years straight!!! Big as a orange??? Big as a fucking watermelon??? Every page of your commie-homo-blog should be just a picture of your ANUS with Obamas cum drippign out!!

Go back to worshipping ISLAM and hope you get a nice imam-husband when you get yourwish and USA becomes a CALIPHATE!

Real americans are 1. STRAIGHT 2. CHRISTIAN (not muslim) 3. NOT COMMUNIST 4. PATRIOTS! You are ZERO of those things so FUCK YOU COMRADE and PRAY THAT GOD DOESNT KNOW YOU EXIST (remember what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah, God doesn't like perverted faggot freaks so keep your fucking head down and stay indoors so you wont get hit by some nice fire and brimstone)

If your diarrea is orange, you need to check yourself into the hospital ASAP!
who cares?

Moulitsas.......Hey asshole. Still sucking your worthless presidents dick? How about all the dykes and faggots you work with? Good man. Damn dude, your knees must be killing you!?! Remember, Randy Maddow from MSLSD also wants his dick sucked too. What!?! Then make fucking room!?! Jesus Christ, you liberal bedwetters are fucking useless!!!!! Keep up the good work loser.............

Sucking dick is bad? But gotta say, we're not the ones who cower under beds afraid of the scawy tewowists and hoard guns out of fear of home invasions or black people or government jackbooted thugs. So who are the bedwetters?

Perhaps I have been betting on the wrong horse.

I believed that Markos was the man.

Perhaps the man is not really "the Man".

Someone must still have the faculties to recognize a "good guy".  Or are you all really

just like the Republicans.

If you are not "with us", you are "agin' us".

There are no "half way Americans".


I'm not really the man. Glad we got that worked out!

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